1. female infanticide
    have an abortion because baby is female
  2. females make up...
    50.7 % of population
  3. Why are women a minority group?
    beacuse of their position relative to men
  4. 1951 Helen Hackler was the first to..
    catagorized women as a minority group
  5. sexism
    belief that one sex is innately superior to the other
  6. yes some women do make it to power but..
    women as a group do not make up and equal percent or close to those men in power
  7. Sex typed
    most work is sex typed, associated with one sex or the other
  8. Major areas of discrimination
    Political/legal, education, economic, social
  9. Sex vs Gender
    Sex: male and female Gender: man and Woman or maleness/femaleness
  10. sex is a...
    master trait...cuttig across all other identies in life
  11. Symbolic interactionism position:
    such gender differences are learned. they emphasize how socialization makes the stereotypes applied at birth a reality.  if males are labeled agressive boys will fulfill those expectations
  12. Functionalist theory:
    if male dominace is universal, how did it come about? 1. rewareded warriors:survival.  2. Biological: reproduction > men are stronger physically.  Men more women to have more opportunies for offspring.
  13. Conflict/Feminist theory:
    • power yields privilages, powerful have more resources
    • Being in power create feeling of superiority
    • justify why they are in power because of these feelings of superiority
    • powerful cling to privilages to maintain power
  14. suffragist
    Feminist 1916, formed the national woman's party with goal to give women right to vote
  15. glass ceiling
    conceptual blockage that keeps women from achieveing the higher positions i the workplace.
  16. testosterone
    hormone produced by the testicles that stimulates primary and secondary sex traites
  17. women or men more in college?
    women: 2.3 million more
  18.  kinsely research on homosexuality
    Just because one partakes in homosexual behavior at any point in their life does not make them homosexual
  19. Laumann Research
    number of people in america who identify themselves as homosexual
  20. Humphrey's research
    Tearoom sex
  21. symbolic interactionism violence against women
    generize children at young age.  boys associate violence with masculineity
  22. feminist/conflict theory perspective of violence aginst women
    men try to establish power and dominance, control, and autority.  some gain this trough violence
  23. Social policy: radical extremist:
    sexism is in our roots, brought up in childhood
  24. Social policy Conservative extremist
    womans rights are to be housewife and mother
  25. Middle of the road policy
    gender pay gap, equitable distrubution of housework
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