MIS 11

  1. In a typical IS operations department, the network manager and the computer center manager will report to the ______.
    operations manager
  2. Green computing is environmentally conscious computing consisting of three major components: power management, virtualization, and ______.
    e-waste management
  3. In organizations in which individuals and workgroups manage their own applications, with support from the IS department, enterprise applications include ______.
    some functional applications and all cross-functional applications
  4. EAI is used to enable the ______.
    integration of disparate systems
  5. Sustaining-applications developers work on _____ applications.
  6. Outsourcing is the process of hiring another organization to perform a service. Outsourcing is undertaken in order to _____.
    cap an organization's financial exposure
  7. _____ is a form of hardware outsourcing.
    cloud hosting
  8. As an IS user, you have a right to a secure computing environment, this means that _____.
    the organization should protect your computer and its files
  9. Which of the following statements is true for the structure of IS infrastructure?
    A decentralized organization requires information systems that facilitate autonomous activity
  10. The _____ is the representative for IS and IT issues when the executive staff, provides the IS perspective during discussion of problem solutions, proposals, and new initiatives.
  11. Which of the following is NOT true for information systems?
    Information systems change only when organizations merge
  12. If the organization does not develop programs in-house, then the development group of the information system department will include _____.
    system analysis
  13. An important function of the _____ group in an IS department is to monitor the user experience and respond to user problems.
  14. Developing, operating, and maintaining the organization's computing infrastructure is a major function of the _____ department.
    information systems
  15. Once a company has chosen a vendor, further risk management is up to that vendor.True or false?
  16. A data dictionary contains an entry for each standard data item.True or false?
  17. When the IS department provides the computing infrastructure to users, a system must exist to record user problems and monitor their resolution.True or false?
  18. Problems are prioritized on the basis of how easy they are for the IS department to sole.True or false?
  19. In addition to its other functions, the IS department also must manage the computing infrastructure staff.True or false?
  20. Green computing is environmentally conscious computing consisting of three major components: power management, visualization, and e-waste management.True or false?
  21. Development costs of an information system include ________.
    Data conversion costs, initial training costs, project costs for custom software, hardware purchases.
  22. A(n) ________ is a set of rules that two communicating devices follow.
  23. Web 2.0 encourages ________, which occur(s) when the output from two or more Web sites is combined into a single user experience.
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