1. Celestial
    Pertaining to the sky or visible heaven
  2. Primordial
    Existing at the very beginning
  3. Infusion
    Liquid extract
  4. Sickle
    Implement for cutting grain
  5. Churn
    Machine in which cream or milk is agitated to make butter
  6. Deposed
    To remove from a position
  7. Emetic
    Causing vomiting
  8. Inevitable
    Unable to be avoided
  9. Decreed
    A formal and authoritative order
  10. Crones
    A withered, witchlike old woman
  11. Deities
    A god or a goddess
  12. Oracles
    A divine communication or revalation
  13. Spurned
    To reject with disdain; scorn
  14. Unremitting
    Not slackening or abating
  15. Luminous
    Lighted up or illuminated
  16. Countenance
    Appearance; esp. the look or expression of the face
  17. Refraction
    The change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like
  18. Illusory
    Deceptive; misleading
  19. Thrive
    To prosper; be fortunate or successful
  20. Sublimely
    Elevated or lofty in though; beauty or grandeure
  21. Populace
    The common people of a community, population
  22. Grotesque
    Odd or unatural in shape, ugly or bizarre
  23. Filaments
    A very fine thread or threadlike structure
  24. Forethought
    Thinking/planning out in advance
  25. Racking
  26. Repast
  27. Condor
    A large American vulture
  28. Facets
    A small plain surface
  29. Plaites
    A braid of material
  30. Burnished
    A polished surface
  31. Covet
    To desire lustfully without the thought of others
  32. Lustrous
  33. Horde
    Swarm or crowd
  34. Atone
  35. Nymph
    Beautiful maiden
  36. Idle
    Not working or active
  37. Detain
    To keep from proceeding
  38. Narcissism
    In ordinate fascination with oneself
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