1. Zeus
    King of gods and ruler of mankind
  2. Poseidon
    god os sea, horses, and earthquakes
  3. Hades
    god of underworld (did not live on Mount Olympus)
  4. Hestia
    goddess of hearth and home; sister of Zeus
  5. Hera
    Queen of gods and wife of Zeus
  6. Ares
    god of war
  7. Athena
    goddess of wisdom, war, and weaving
  8. Apollo
    god of sun, music, poetry, and medicine
  9. Aphrodite
    goddess of love and beauty
  10. Hermes
    Messender-god; god of commerce travelers and thieves
  11. Artemis
    goddess of moon and hunting; patron goddess of maidens
  12. Hephaestus
    god of fire; forger of armor
  13. Phaethon
    Son of Apollo, drove the sun chariot too close to the earth and then too far
  14. Achilles
    A Greek warrior whose only weakness was his heel
  15. Perseus
    Son of Zeus and Danae, killed Medusa and was a great hero
  16. Pandora
    First woman on the Earth and let out the horrors of the world and trapped only hope
  17. Prometheus
    A titan and the creator of man, gave the gift of fire to man
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