Heart Short Answers

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  1. Name the four valves of the heart and give the function of each.
    • 1) Pulmonary Valve- where the right ventricle pumps blood
    • 2) Aortic Valve- where the left ventricle pumps blood
    • 3) Tricuspid valve- opens into the right ventricle¬†
    • 4) Bicuspid valve- opens into the left ventricle
  2. Trace a drop of blood from the superior vena cave to the aorta
    Vena cava, Right atrium, Tricuspid valve, Right ventricle,  Pulmonary valve, Pulmonary atrery, Lungs, Pulmonary Veins, Left atrium, Bicuspid valve, Left Ventricle, Aortic Valve, Aorta and Body
  3. Which chamber of the heart has the thickest wall? Explain the reason for it
    Myocardium; Because it's responsible for forcing blood out of chambers
  4. Why is the diastolic pressure considered to be clinically more important than the systolic pressure?
    Because the relaxed ventricles cause the lowest pressure in the arteries. And if the bottom # is higher than the top it causes high blood pressure
  5. Why are the capillaries the most important of the blood vessels?
    Since they exchange gases, nutrients, metabolic products. They also diffuse, filtrate and do osmosis
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