BIOL 404-Exam 4-GI 14

  1. When swallowing, After the glottis is closed, respiration is inhibited and the larynx is moved up, what happens?
    The swallowing center then initiates a wave of muscular contraction (peristalsis) in the pharynx that moves the food bolus toward the esophagus.
  2. How is the epiglottis closed?
    The food bolus pushes the epiglottis backward to cover the closed glottis
  3. What are the three regions of the stomach?
    • Fundus
    • Body
    • Antrum
  4. What part of the stomach secretes HCL?
    The thin walled body
  5. What do glands in th ebody of the stomach secrete?
    • Pepsinogen
    • HCL
    • Mucus
  6. Describe the morphology of the antrum:
    • The lower part of the stomach
    • Thick layer of smooth muscle
    • Endocrine cells that secrete gastrin
    • Glands that secrete pepsinogen and mucus
  7. The glands of the antrum secrete what?
    Pepsinogen and mucus
  8. Where is the Fundus located?
    The top of the stomach near the lower esophageal sphincter
  9. Describe the morphology of the pyloric shyncter of the stomach?
    Ring of smooth muscle and connective tissue between the antrum and the duodenum
  10. What is the role of the pyloric sphyncter?
    Controls the emptying of gastric contents into the small intestine
  11. What are the different cell types of the Gastric glands of the body?
    • Cells at the opening of the glands secrete mucus
    • Parietal cells (also called oxyntic cells) secrete hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor
    • Chief cells secrete pepsinogen
  12. What do Cells at the opening of the gastric body glands secrete?
  13. Parietal cells (also called oxyntic cells) of the stomach body secrete what?
    HCL and intrinsic factor
  14. What gastric gland cell secrete HCL and intrinsic factor?
    The Parietal cells or oxyntic cells
  15. What type of cells secrete histamine in the stomach?
    Enterocromaffin like cells
  16. What do enterocromaffin like cells secrete?
  17. What d Chief cells secrete?
  18. What othr type of glandular cells are found less commonly?
    • enterochromaffin-like cells that secrete histamine
    • enteroendocrine cells that secrete hormones such as gastrin and somatostatin
  19. What do enteroednocrine cells of the glands in the gastric body secrete?
    • Gastrin
    • Somatostatin
  20. What does HCL do in the stomach?
    • kills microbes
    • solubilizes food
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-GI 14
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