BIOL 404-Exam 4-GI 10

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  1. What are the two types of neural reflex pathways for the GI?
    Long and Short
  2. Where are neural receptor cells located?
    Wall of the GI
  3. Short reflexes in the GI start in wall of the tract and then lead where?
    • To the submucous and/or myenteric plexuses
    • Then to the effector cells
  4. Long reflexes go from receptors within the wall of the tract to where?
    • the CNS
    • then back to effector cells via parasympathetic nerves of the ANS
  5. What stimuli cause the GI to become active?
    • Sight
    • Smell
    • Taste
    • Chewing
    • Thought of food
    • Emotional state
  6. what types of receptors exist in the GI?
    • Mechanorecptors
    • osmorecptors
    • chemoreceptors
  7. What type of receptor detects distension of the GI wall?
  8. What type of receptor detects chyme osmolarity?
  9. What type of receptor detects Chyme acidity?
  10. Chyme concentration of specific metabolites is detected by what type of receptors?
  11. What do chemorecptors inthe GI detect?
    • Chyme Acidity
    • Concentrations of different metabolites
  12. What do osmorecpetors in the GI detect?
    Chyme osmolarity
  13. What do mechanoreceptors in the GI detect?
    Mechanical stretching of the wall
  14. What centers integrate information from GI recptors?
    • CNS
    • ENS
  15. What is the ENS?
    • Enteric nervous system
    • The GI's own nervous system
  16. What is included in teh ENS?
    The myenteric and submucosal nerve plexus in the GI wall
  17. What are the ENS neurotransmitters?
    • Acetylcholine
    • Norepinephrine
    • ANO
    • small peptides
    • ATP
  18. The efferent neurons of the CNS innervate what tissues?
    • Smooth muscle
    • Secretory glands
    • Epithelial cells
    • Arterioles
  19. Fatty acids move from the lumen of the small intestine into the epithelial cells by:
    Passive diffusion
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