Cardiovascular System Symptomatic Terms

  1. aneurysm
    a widening; a bulging of the wall of the heart, aorta, or artery caused by a congenital defect or acquired weakness
  2. saccular aneurysm
    a sac-like bulge on one side
  3. fusiform aneurysm
    a spindle-shaped bulge
  4. dissecting aneurysm
    a split or tear of the vessel wall
  5. angina pectoris
    chest pain caused by a temporary loss of oxygenated blood to heart muscle; often caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries (angina = to choke)
  6. arterioosclerosis
    thickening, loss of elasticity, and calcification (hardening) of arterial walls
  7. atherosclerosis
    a form of arteriosclerosis characterized by the buildup of fatty substances that harden within the walls of arteries
  8. atheromatous plaque
    a swollen area within the lining of an artery caused by the buildup of fat (lipids)
  9. claudication
    to limp; pain in a limb (especially the calf) while walking that subsides after rest; caused by inadequate blood supply
  10. constriction
    compression of a part that causes narrowing (stenosis)
  11. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating (perspiration)
  12. embolus
    a clot (e.g., air, fat, or a foreign object) carried in the bloodstream that obstructs the flow of blood when it lodges (embolus = a stopper)
  13. heart murmur
    an abnormal sound from the heart produced by defects in the chambers or valves
  14. infarct
    to stuff; a localized area of necrosis (condition of tissue death) caused by ischemia resulting from occlusion of a blood vessel
  15. perfusion deficit
    lack of flow through a blood vessel caused by narrowing occlusion, etc.
  16. occlusion
    plugging; an obstruction or a closing off
  17. palpitation
    subjective experience of pounding, skipping, or racing heartbeats
  18. stenosis
    condition of narrowing of a part
  19. thrombus
    a stationary blood clot
  20. vegetation
    to grow; an abnormal growth of tissue around a valve, generally as a result of infection
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