World History

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  1. What is a phalanx?
    A block formation of foot soldiers
  2. What did Alexander conquer by the time he died?
    • Ancient Mesopotamia
    • Northern India
    • Western Asia Minor
    • Syria
    • Palestine
  3. What could explain the collapse of the Minoan culture?
    • The Mycenaeans conquered Crete
    • Violent earthquake leveled Knossos
    • Cataclysmic volcanic eruption
  4. What characteristics are shown in Hellenistic art?
    Realism and depiction of psychological pain
  5. On the basis of the characteristics of the Mycenaean citadel, scholars deduce the culture was ______
  6. Match kingdoms to regions:

    • Pergamon - Asia Minor
    • Seleucid - Persia to Asia
    • Antigonid - Thrace/Macedonia
    • Ptolemaic - Egypt
  7. What was the legacy of Alexander's conquest?
    • Greek culture was spread throughout the east
    • Eastern cultures impacted Greece
  8. The best account of the Trojan horse and Troy's defeat is found in:
    Virgil's Aeneid
  9. The complex at Delphi was dedicated to what god?
  10. What was the main center of Minoan culture?
  11. Greek geography did not contain...
    Long, wide valleys, ideal for large field crops
  12. What did Cleisthenes achieve?
    • Created council of 500
    • Restructured the tribes of Athens
    • Abolished power centers within the ranks of citizens by equalizing the way offices were filled
  13. During the age of Pericles, Athenians defined citizen as:
    A male landowner whose parents had been native born Athenian citizens
  14. Thucydides
    Greek historian known as Father of Scientific History

    Took an objective look at history ignoring the role of deities and focusing on developments of events
  15. Solon
    • Forbade the export of wheat
    • Abolished debts
    • Redefined citizenship
  16. Helots
    Spartan slaves
  17. The final defeat of the Persians on land by the Greeks in the Persians wars came at:
  18. Historian who documented the Persian Wars
  19. What was the most important result of the Persian War?
    The Athenians were considered heroes and the new leaders of a "united" Greece
  20. What was the significance of the Parthenon?
    Relying on vulcanism, it was the residence of the Oracle of Delphi, and thus a center of religion
  21. The Peloponnesian War was the result of:
    Athenian attempts to conquer Europe
  22. When did the Persian Wars begin?
    When the Persians attacked the Greek colony of Ionia after the rebelled from Persian rule
  23. To what god was the complex at Olympia dedicated?
  24. Who were the chief executive officers of the Roman Republic that were responsible for leading the Roman army into battle and administering the government?
  25. Julius Caesar
    Voted dictator for life and murdered by defenders of the Republic
  26. Sulla
    Conservative who turned back the reforms of his predicessors
  27. Marius
    Built new Roman army relying on underemployed
  28. Octavian
    Established the foundation of the Empire through the Principate
  29. Marc Antony
    Formed and eastern alliance with an eastern monarch (Cleopatra)
  30. The foundation of Rome along the Tiber occurred in what year?
    753 B.C.E.
  31. Early Romans were dominated by what people?
    The Etruscans
  32. Who were the legendary founders of Rome?
    • Romulus
    • Remus
    • Aeneas
  33. Name the noble Roman virtues
    • Pietas
    • Fides
    • Religio
  34. Who had the most significant effect on culture and society of Rome?
  35. Tiberius Gracchus
    • Saw the damage that the creation of latifundia did to Roman society
    • Killed by a group of senators
    • His brother, Gaius, took up his cause and was also killed
  36. The First Punic War
    Initiated between Carthage and Rome because both viewed Sicily as their own domain
  37. The Second Punic War
    • Saw Hannibal effectively invade Italy from the north
    • Resulted in the end of the purple dye market
  38. The Third Punic War
    Resulted in Carthage being eliminated as a threat to Rome
  39. What occurred from the struggle between the classes in Ancient Rome?
    The struggle continued to grow in the wake of the Punic Wars and the creation of the Roman empire
  40. The underprivileged working class
    The Plebeians
  41. What made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?
    The Theodosian Code
  42. The government founded by Diocletian's division of the empire:
  43. Who wrote "City of God"?
    Augustine of Hippo
  44. This historian argued that the Roman Empire fell in the west because it converted to Christianity.
    Edward Gibbon
  45. Zealots
    The faction of Jews who led the revolt at Madada
  46. Josephus
    Jewish historian who wrote an account of the Jewish Wars and of the events at Masada
  47. Essenes
    Jews who formed a monastic community at Qum'ran
  48. Christ and God did not have equally Divine nature
    The Arian heresy
  49. A religion that predated and influenced Christianity
  50. The right of the eastern emperor to impose their views on Church affairs
  51. Sabines
    Plebeians descended from the rape of these women
  52. Constantine
    Converted to Christianity on the battlefield
  53. Caligula
    Gladiator and cruelest of the Roman emperors
  54. Vandals
    Sacked Rome and established a kingdom in Spain
  55. Pax Romana
    Octavian Augustus' reign
  56. Nicaea
    Established Christian orthodoxy
  57. Huns
    5th century invaders from Central Asia
  58. Nero
    Last of his dynastic line, Rome burned on his watch
  59. Ka'ba
    The holiest site in the Muslim religion, where Muslims pray five times a day
  60. First pillar of Islam
    Declaration of faith
  61. Fifth pillar of Islam
    The Pilgrimage
  62. Hijra
    The journey of Muhammed and his followers from Mecca to Medina
  63. Islam means
    Submission to God
  64. The Great Schism
    The division of the Christian Church between East and West
  65. The Byzantine Empire was the successor of what?
    Eastern Roman Empire
  66. Charles Martel
    Frankish leader who defeated the Muslims in 732 in Central France, thus stopping their advance into Europe
  67. Charlemagne
    Crowned King of Rome at a mass in 800 by the Pope
  68. Who called for the First Crusade?
    Pope Urban II
  69. What was the goal of the First Crusade?
    Recapture the Holy Lands
  70. Frederick Barbarossa
    Died on his way to the Holy Lands during the Third Crusade
  71. Feudalism
    System of landholding and obligations during the Medieval period
  72. Harold Godwinson
    Assumed the throne of England after the death of Edward the Confessor
  73. William the Conqueror
    Invaded England in 1066, laying claim to the English throne
  74. Hastings
    The decisive battle for England after the Norman Invasion in 1066
  75. Kiev
    Russian city that dominated Eastern Europe in the 10th and 11th centuries
  76. Islamic religion split between the Shiites and the Sunnis over the question of....
    The succession after Muhammed's death
  77. Hajj
    Pilgrimage to Mecca
  78. What happened to Muhammad during the Night Journey?
    He ascended to heaven
  79. Saracen
    A Muslim in the Holy Land during the Crusades
  80. A probable factor for the decline of the Aztec civilization...
    Arrival of Hernan Cortes, who was believed to be Quetzalcoatl
  81. Teotihuacan
    City famous for its pyramids of the Sun and Moon

    Barrios for the working classes

    Special precinct for the elite
  82. Palenque
    Houses the tomb of the ruler Pacal
  83. Tenochtitlan
    Aztec capital

    Half a million people
  84. The Ball Court at Chichen Itza
    Used primarily for religious purposes
  85. Chichen Itza
    Maya center which survived the longest

    Later became a Toltec center
  86. Obas
    Rulers of BeninĀ 

    Strong traders
  87. Spread of Islam in Africa
    Established a vast trading network

    Development of written traditionsĀ 

    Application of Arabic laws
  88. Coptic Christianity
    Christ had a single, divine nature
  89. Great Zimbabwe
    Located along the Zambizi River

    City held mixed economy resting on farming, cattle herding, and commercial pursuits

    Most powerful and prosperous state in South Africa
  90. Swahili
    Named after Arabic word for "coast"

    East African cities flourished within Islamic trading network
  91. A key cultural characteristic of African societies
    Lineage was matrilineal instead of patrilineal
  92. Congo River Valley
    Copper and iron enabled the people to enjoy an agricultural surplus and engage in regional commerce
  93. Kings in West Africa, after the introduction of Islam...
    Tended to embrace religious customs and allow rural people to maintain shamanistic religions

    Improved the efficiency and authority of governments

    Experienced increased literacy
  94. Ethiopia
    Center for medieval Coptic Christianity
  95. Niger
    River valley most associated with gold mining
  96. Ghana
    First of the great commercial states in West Africa
  97. Sahara
    Former savannah and largest barrier in the North-South trade
  98. Marrakech
    African city made famous for its Great Gate
  99. Timbuktu
    Saharan salt caravans
  100. 'Adma Seyon
    Victorious "servant of the cross"
  101. "The Book of Routes and Realms"
    A country in decline after Muslim invasion
  102. "On the Erythraean Sea"
    Mythical trogodytes
  103. Berbers
    Indigenous North Africa
  104. How many forms of the Plague?
  105. Most common form of the Plague
  106. Where did the Plague originate?
  107. Most scientific evidence of the day argued the Plague was caused by
    Corruption of the atmosphere
  108. Flagellants
    Rid the word of the Plague by atoning for the sins of man
  109. Group blamed by many for the outbreak of the Plague
  110. The Hundred Years War was fought between
    England and France
  111. Joan of Arc was from what country?
  112. Literal definition of Renaissance
  113. Leonardo da Vinci began his career as a
  114. Florence
    City that was the birthplace of the Renaissance
  115. Nicolo Maciavelli
    "The Prince"
  116. Sir Thomas More
  117. Desiderius Erasmus
    "Praise of Folly"
  118. University of Paris
    Medieval university that suggested the Plague came from a conjunction of the planets
  119. Joan of Arc's victories
    Boosting French morale

    Charles VII crowned King of France in Rheims

    French defeated English by 1453
  120. When did the Black Death arrive in Europe?
    Genoese sailors fled the siege of the Mongols in Caffa and landed in Messina, Sicily
  121. "The ends justify the means"
  122. What event caused conflict within the feudal society and resulted in the Hundred Years War?
    William the Conqueror's conquest of England, making him King of England and vassal of the King of France
  123. Plague transmitted through the bloodstream
  124. Plague transmitted through air
  125. Armagnacs
    Faction from Orleans

    In the Hundred Years war, the Burgundians opposed the supporters from the royal line from Orleans
  126. What did Joan of Arc claim "voices" told her?
    To have Charles crowned King of France and to drive the English out
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