Psy 5 chapter 16

  1. _____ model, which views personality development in terms of fairly universal stages, tied to a sequence of age-related-crises.
    normative crisis
  2. _______ model, which suggest that the timing of particular events in an adult's life rather than age, determines the course of personality development.
    life events
  3. Erik Erikson suggests that middel adulthood encompasses the period of ______ versus ______ where people consider their contributions to family, community, work and society.
    Generativity v.s. Stagnation
  4. Between 40 and 45 people move into a period levinson calls the midlife transition, or a time of questioning which may lead to a midlife ______ , a stage of uncertainty and indecision brought about by the realization that life is finite.
  5. The most fequent pattern of marital satisfaction is _____, where satisfaction begins to decline after marriage and falls to its lowest point following the birth of children and marital satisfaction begins to grow after the children leave adolescence and reaches its highest point when the kids have left home.
    U- shaped
  6. For many couples, a major transition is the empty nest syndrome resulting from their children's departure from home; although this challenge is harder for many stay-at-home moms to face than working moms, the empty nest syndrome is more _____ than reality.
  7. There has been a significant increase in the U.S. in the number of young adults who come back to live in the homes of their middle-aged parents, a phenomenon called _____ children.
  8. Another new trend is that middle-aged couples are becoming the ______ generation, because they must fulfill the needs of both their children and their aging parents.
  9. According to the _____ of _______ hypothesis, abuse and neglect of children leads them to be predisposed to abusiveness as adults, about one-third of people who were abused or neglected as children abuse their own children and two-thirds of abusers were not abused as children.
    Cycle of violence
  10. ______ occurs when highly trained professionals experience dissatisfaction, disillusionment, frustration, and weariness from their jobs and is also common in middle adulthood for those people caring for invalid or semi-invalid parents.
  11. Thirty percent of all women are battered by their intimate partners at least once in their lives and physical abuse often begins before marriage, with 22 percent of dating couples reporting violence in their relationships; this violence will ______ over time and one-third of all victims end up seeking medical treatment.
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Psy 5 chapter 16
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