Psy 5 chapter 15

  1. _____ is brought about by a lack of calcium in the body and a diet (high in calcium) and wight-bearing exercise can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  2. A nearly universal change in eyesight during middle adulthood is the eye's lenses change shape and elasticity changing near vision, called _______.
  3. For about 12 percent of people between 45 and 65  the primary sort of loss is for sounds of high frequency, a problem called _______.
  4. Starting about age 45, women enter a period known as the female climacteric, the transition from being able to bear children to being unable to do so, with most notable sign being _______.
  5. People with type _____ pattern behavior, which is characterized by non competitiveness  patience, and a lack of aggression, have less than half the risk of coronary disease that type ___ People have.
    Type B, and Type A
  6. Heart disease, cnacer, and osteoporosis are three of the major diseases that can be reduced in intensity and effect by proper _____, appropriate _____, and avoiding major _____.
    proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, and avoiding major hazards
  7. Fluid intelligence is the ability to deal with new problems and situations and features inductive reasoning, spatial orientation, perceptual speed, and verbal memory; fluid intelligence peaks between the ages of ___ and ____.
    35 and 55.
  8. Crystallized intelligence is the store of information, skills, and strategies that people have acquired through education and prior experiences, and thorough their previous use of fluid intelligence; crystallized intelligence can _______ with age.
  9. In middle adulthood successful people may have developed expertise in their particular occupational area or ________ , the process by which people concentrate on particular skill areas to compensate for losses in other areas.
    selective optimization
  10. ______ develops as people devote attention and practice to a skill or knowledge in a particular area; beginners use formal procedures and rules while experts rely on experience and intuition.
  11. We recall information through use of organized bodies of information stored in memory called schemas, material that is ____ with existing schemas is more likely to be recalled.
  12. ______ are formal strategies for organizing material in ways that make it more likely to be remembered.
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