Psy 5 chapter 13

  1. Most people are at the peak of their physical capabilities, although _____ the natural physical decline brought about by aging, has begun.
  2. _____ is the response to events that threaten or challenge an individual; long-term, continuous exposure may result in a reduction of the body's ability to cope.
  3. ____ appraisal is the assessment of an event to determine whether its implications are positive, negative, or neutral and ______ appraisal is the assessment of whether one's coping abilities and resources are adequate to deal with the challenge.
    primary, and secondary
  4. ______ disorders are medical problems caused by the interaction of psychological  emotional, and physical difficulties.
  5. Some young adults are better than others at ______, the effort to reduce, or tolerate the threats that lead to stress.
  6. Beyond Piaget's formal operations are _____ thoughts, where adult predicaments sometimes need to be solved by relativistic thinking rather than pure logic and requires acknowledging that the world sometimes lacks purely right and wrong solutions.
    Post formal
  7. K. Warner Schaie suggests that adult thinking follows a set pattern of stages; the_______ stage encompasses all of childhood and adolescence where the main developmental task is to gather information.
  8. Robest sternberg's _______ theory of intelligence suggests that intelligence is made up of three major components including componential, experiential, and contextual intelligence.
  9. Sternberg contends that success in a career necessitates contextual intelligence also called ____ intelligence.
  10. ______ intelligence is the set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation  expression, and regulation of emotions which allows us to get along well with others, to understand what others are feeling, and to respond appropriately.
  11. _______ is at its peak for many individuals during early adulthood because many of the problems they encounter on a professional level are unusual.
  12. Many students experience difficulties ____ to their first year of college this reaction is a cluster is psychological symptoms, including loneliness, anxiety, withdrawal and depression.
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Psy 5 chapter 13
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