1. What characterizes the firs trimester?
    Development of body structures
  2. what characterizes the 2nd trimester?
    Rapid growth in legnth
  3. what characterizes the third trimester
    • - body system maturation
    • - rapid growth in weight and brain size
  4. Name the three stages of prenatal growth
    • 1. the fertilized ovum
    • 2. the embryo
    • 3. the fetus
  5. Oocyte contact by sperm = ______ ______
    activation trigger
  6. What process results in 4 daughter cells that are not identical
    Meiosis II
  7. What is a blastomere?
    daughter cells
  8. What is clevage?
    Increase in cell number
  9. ______ occurs during the second to third week of development after implantation.
  10. What is "one of the most critical periods in the development of the embryo."
  11. Define Growth
    Increase in size
  12. Growth is correlated positively with ____
  13. Name 3 causes for variation in growth
    • 1.  sex differences
    • 2. population differences
    • 3. environmental differences
  14. How do you determine skeletal age? (3)
    • Appearance of ossification centers
    • •Morphology and size of ossification centers
    • •Fusion of ossification centers
  15. name the order of the bones in the ephiphyseal- diaphyseal pattern
    Elbow → Hip → Ankle → Knee → Wrist → Shoulder
  16. Pubic symphyseal morphology\
    •Sacro-iliac articulation morphology
    •Sternal rib end morphology
    •Cranial suture closure

    all help to determine what
    age estimation in adults
  17. What is stature?
    long bone legnth
  18. What begins with gut tube formation via folding in Week 4?
    Gastrointestinal system
  19. Foregut begins to differentiate into the esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen by week ____
  20. What weeks are the large and small intestines produced?
  21. Define Chondrocranium
    Cranial base
  22. define membrane (dermal) bones
    Cranial vault, part of face
  23. Viscerocranium
    supports the pharyngeal arches and jaws (upper and lower)
  24. Name the 5 stages of postnatal development
    • Infancy
    • Childhood
    • Juvenile (late childhood)
    • Adolescence
    • Adult
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