Chapter 19

  1. alien
    a person who is not a citizen of the country in which he/she lives in.
  2. assemble
    to gateher w/one another
  3. bill of rights
    the constitution's first 10 admendments, which list rights the gov. must guarantee the people
  4. civil liberties
    the protection of a person's safety,opinions, and property from gov
  5. civil rights
    the acts of the gov that make constitutional guarantees work for people
  6. content neutral
    the policy by which gov may regulate assemblies on the basis of time, place, and manner but not the basis of what might be said.
  7. due process clause
    the clause in the 5th and 14th admendments of the US constitution that guarantees the gov will treat people fairly
  8. establishment clause
    the 1st admendment clause that says the gov may not set up a religion or promote any one religion
  9. free exercise clause
    the 1st amendment clause that says the gov may not interfere in ppl's religious beliefs.
  10. parochial
    church related
  11. libel
    an untrue unwritten statement that can damge a person's reputation.
  12. symbolic speech
    the act of expressing ideas through conduct or appearance.
  13. slander
    an untrue spoken statement that can damage a person's rep.
  14. shield law
    a law that gives reporters some protecton against having to disclose their sources or reveal other confidential info in legal proceedings.
  15. right of association
    the right of every nation, by international law to send and receive.
  16. seditious speech
    the advocating, or urging, of conduct that attempts to over throw the gov. by the force or to disrupt its lawful activities by violent acts
  17. sedition
    the promotion of resistance to lawful authority
  18. process of incorporation
    the process by which the supreme court has incorporated most of the guarantees in the bill of rights info the 14th admendment's due process clause
  19. prior restraint
    the limitation of spoken or written words and ideas before they are expressed
  20. picketing
    the patrolling of a business site by workers on strike to persuade others not to deal with that employer
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