congress 2

  1. what does a legislator do?
    represent ppl and cast votes
  2. how does a congressman act as a trustee? delegate? partisan? politico?
    lets merit guide them in their decisions/ vote the way "fols back home" would like them to/ and vote in'line with their party platform// they combine personal views with other pressures
  3. current salary of a regular congress member? floor leader? speaker of house?
    $169,300/ $188,100 / $217,400
  4. what are some fringe benefits for congressmen?
    tax deduction, travel allowance, full medical care
  5. "cloak of legislative immunity"...?
    each congressman is protected against libel/ slander for congreessional business
  6. "oversight function"...?
    congress checks to see that various agencies are operating well
  7. 3 types of delegated powers that congressmen have?
    1.) expressed 2.) implied 3.) inherent
  8. some expressed powers congress has?
    collect taxes, borrow money, regulate interstate commerce, coin money, est. post offices, grant patents/ copyrights, declare war
  9. some examples of congress' implied powers?
    paper money, issuing the draft, and makign the air force
  10. some non-legislative powers of congress?
    constitutional amendments, electoral duties, impeachment
  11. how do you amend constitution? (2 steps)
    2/3 vote of each house of congress to propose amendments..... 3/4 vote of states to ratify amendmeent
  12. 12th amendment?
    if no candidate recieves majority of electoral votesfor pres., election goes to house. HOUSE votes for PRES & SENATE for V.P.
  13. 25th amendment?
    if pres. dies, becomes disabled, resigns, etc, MAJORITY VOTES OF EACH HOUSE of congress will replace office
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