chapter 18

  1. jurisdiction
    a court's authority to judge a case
  2. inferior courts
    a court lower than the supreme court.
  3. criminal case
    a case in which a defendant is tried for commiting an action declared by congress to be a federal crime
  4. appellate jurisdiction
    the power of court to review decisions from lower courts
  5. civil case
    a non criminal case involving 2 or more people business, and/or the gov.
  6. concurrent jurisdiction
    the sharing by federal and state courts of the power to hear certain case.
  7. orginal jurisdiction
    the authorizing to be the 1st court to hear and judge a case.
  8. defendant
    in a court case, the person against who the complaint is filed.
  9. docket
    a list of cases to be hear by a court.
  10. plaintiff
    in a court case, the person who files suit
  11. exclusive jurisdiction
    the power of the federal courts to be the only courts to hear certain cases.
  12. majority opinion
    a written statement explaing a court's official decision.
  13. precedent
    the earlier judical decisions that becomes guides in making later judical decisions
  14. dissenting opinion
    a statement written by one or more justices who agree with a supreme court majority opinion.
  15. redress
    a payment to satisfy a claim
  16. writ of certiorari
    an order by the supreme court directing a lower count to send a case's record for review
  17. court- martial
    a court composed of military personnel for the trial of those accused of violating military low.
  18. certificate
    the process used to send a case to the supreme court when a lower court is not clear about the procedure or the rule of law that should apply in the case.
  19. civilian tribunal
    a court for the armed forces that is part of the judical branch but entirely separate from the military.
  20. concurring opinion
    a statemen written by one or more justices who agree with a supreme court decisions to emphasize an idea or add a point to the majority opinion.
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