Computer Graphics Part 6 (Rasterization)

  1. What is another name for rasterization?
    scan conversion
  2. Describe the scanline algorithm (3 steps)
    • Image Upload 1
    • span extrema: only turn on pixels on interior to avoid intruding other polygons (round up values on left, round down on the right)
  3. Explain the process of the span extrema and why it is used?
    • computing intersections of every line is really expensive and requires floating point arithmetic, instead use span extrema to manually "test out" the span extrema line by line, with simply incrementation of x, every time y overfloaws - thereby avoid floating point arithmetic.
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  4. span extrema pseudo code
    Image Upload 3
  5. How are the edges managed in the spanline alogithm?
    Image Upload 4
  6. Explain how the global edge table works
    • Edges are bucket sorted according to their minimum Y
    • Image Upload 5
  7. How does the active edge table work?
    Image Upload 6
  8. Name two polygon fill rules
    • 1. do not include horizontal edges in the tables
    • 2. Vertices - if local max or min, count twice; otherwise count once to assure consistency
  9. Why are triangles easy to rasterize?
    • always convex
    • always ona¬† plane
    • never selfintersects
    • easy to interpolate data
  10. Barycentric coordinates - derivation
    Image Upload 7
  11. How are barycentric coordinates used within the context of triangle rasterization?
    Image Upload 8
  12. copmuting the barycentric coordinates
    Image Upload 9
  13. How is trianlge rasterization done using barycentric coordinates and a bounding box?
    Image Upload 10
  14. barycentric coordinates exercise
    Image Upload 11
  15. What are mean value coordinates?
    Image Upload 12
  16. Polygon Decompsoition algorithm
    • Image Upload 13
    • If a vertex is inside that triangle, form a new triangle with leftmost inside vertx and A and procceed as before.
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