Medical Terminology Week 12

  1. calyx
  2. cortex
    rind, outer portion
  3. glomerulus
    tuft, cluster
  4. medulla
    marrow, inner portion
  5. ren
  6. electrolyte
    electrical charge associated with potassium and sodium
  7. erythropoietin
    hormone that controls red blood cell production
  8. kidneys
    the two organs that get rid of nitrates
  9. nephron
    the functioning unit of the kidney
  10. glomerulus, capillary tuft
    where the capillaries are rolled up in a ball in the kidneys
  11. glomerular capsule, Bowman's capsule
    a cup-like sac at the beginning of the tubular component of a nephron
  12. renal tubule, convoluted tubule (proximal, loop of Henle, distal)
    where the filtration takes place in the kidneys
  13. collecting duct
    where the urine collects in the kidneys
  14. renal cortex
    the outer part of the kidneys
  15. renal medulla
    the innter portion of the kidneys
  16. renal pelvis
    extension of the ureter that goes into the kidney
  17. acute tubular necrosis of kidney, acute reversable renal failure
    kidneys have shut down, usually due to shock
  18. glomerulonephritis
    inflammation of the kidney at the glomerulous area
  19. hydronephrosis
    something blocking the kidney causing blockage of fluid (typically a stone)
  20. interstitial nephritis
    inflammation of the kidney
  21. nephrolithiasis, renal calculi
    kidney stones
  22. nephroptosis
    prolapsed kidney (floating kidney)
  23. nephrotic syndrome
    diabetic, adema (swelling), albumin protein in the urine
  24. obstructive uropathy
    something obstructing the urinary tract
  25. pyelonephritis, acute
    inflammation of the kidney in the renal pelvis area
  26. renal anomalies (born with it)
    dysplasia, polycistic kidneys
    • agenisis - kidney never developed (no kidney)
    • dysplasia, polycystic kidneys - many cysts in kidneys
    • ectopy - kidney that is out of place
  27. Wilm's Tumor
    malignant tumor of kidney in children
  28. renal failure, chronic (what causes it)
    usually caused diabetes or hypertension
  29. uremia
    your have urea in the blood (also known as azotemia)
  30. renal hypertension
    high blood pressure in the renal artery
  31. nephrectomy
    removal of kidney
  32. nephrolithotomy
    making an incision to remove kidney stone
  33. nephropexy
    lifting or suspending a kidney
  34. nephroureterectomy
    removal of kidney and ureter
  35. renal transplantation, kidney transplantation
  36. anuria
    not urinating
  37. azotemia
    nitrates and urea in the blood
  38. uremic frost
    the body is getting rid of urea in the sweat and forms a powder that smells like urine
  39. hydro
  40. junction
  41. pyelo
  42. calculus in ureter
    stones in the ureter
  43. ureterocele
    protrusion of ureters in to the bladder
  44. hydroureter
    water in the ureter
  45. pyoureter
    pus in the ureter
  46. ureteritis
    inflammation of the ureter
  47. ureterectomy
    removal of the ureter
  48. ureterocystostomy
    artificial opening between the ureter and bladder
  49. ureterolysis
    destroy adhesions around the ureter
  50. ureteropyelostomy
    artificial opening between the ureter and renal pelvis
  51. ureterostomy
    artificial opening into the ureter
  52. ureterovesicoplasty
    surgical repair of the ureter and bladder
  53. ureteral colic
    a stabbing pain in the ureter (from stones)
  54. meatus
    passageway, opening
  55. vesico
  56. trigone
    triangular area at the low end of the bladder
  57. bladder, urinary
    stores urine
  58. detrusor urinae muscle
    the muscle in that bladder that pushes the urine out
  59. urethra
    the passage out of the bladder
  60. vesical sphincter
    muscle that controls urination
  61. bladder neck obstruction
  62. cystitis, acute/chronic
    bladder infection
  63. diuresis
    excessive urination
  64. hypospadias
    the urinary opening is under the penis
  65. stress incontinence
    incontinence caused by surprise, sneeze, or laughing
  66. stricture of vesicourethral orifice
    the passage from bladder to urethra is too narrow
  67. Trichomonas infection
    parasite infection (STD), discharge and itching
  68. trigonitis
    inflammation of the trigone
  69. urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  70. vesical fistulas (pathologic)
    • vesicocentric - passage way between the bladder and intestines
    • vesicorectal - passage between the bladder and rectum
    • vesicovaginal - passage between bladder and vagina
  71. catheter
    a tube inserted to drain urine
  72. cystectomy
    remove the bladder
  73. cystolithotomy
    incision to remove stone from bladder
  74. cystoplasty
    surgical repair of bladder
  75. cystoscopy
    to insert a scope through urethra to examine the bladder
  76. cystostomy
    artificial opening into the bladder
  77. meatotomy
    to stretch the meatus opening
  78. transurethral resection of the bladder neck
    to go through the urethra to remove part of the bladder neck
  79. albuminuria, proteinuria
    protein is being removed along with the urine
  80. creatinine
    a nitrate
  81. dysuria
    difficulty urination
  82. enuresis
    bed wetting (incontinence during sleep)
  83. glycosuria
    sugar in the urine
  84. hematuria
    blood in the urine
  85. ketonuria
    ketone bodies in the urine
  86. micturition
    the act of urinating
  87. nocturia
    getting up frequently at night to urinate
  88. oliguria
    scanty urination
  89. polyuria
    frequent urination
  90. polydypsia
    excessive thirst
  91. residual urine
    to urinate but not feel like the bladder is empty
  92. urgency
    when you gotta go, YOU GOTTA GO
  93. sediment
    to have build-up of casts & sediment in urine
  94. dialysis
    peritoneal dialysis
    • hemodialysis - blood
    • peritoneal dialysis
  95. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    a blood test that checks kidney function
  96. creatinine clearance
    a test to see how long the kidneys take to clear the creatine
  97. cystometry
    to measure how big the bladder is
  98. urinalysis
    to test the urine
  99. clinitest
  100. lithotrypsy
    to crush the stones in order to pass normally
  101. plain radiogram of abdomen (KUB)
    no dye x-ray of kidney, ureter, and bladder
  102. urography
    picture of urinary tract
  103. cineradiography of urinary tract (cinecystogram)
    a video (moving picture) of urinary tract
  104. cystourethrography
    picture of bladder and urethra
  105. intravenous pyelogram
    picture of renal pelvis with contrast medium injected
  106. excretory urography
    picture of the excretory process
  107. nephrotomography
    CAT scan of kidneys
  108. retrograde pyelography
    going backwards to take picture
  109. BNO
    bladder neck obstruction
  110. BPH
    benign prostatic hypertrophy
  111. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  112. CUG
  113. GU
  114. IVP
    intravenous pyelogram
  115. KUB
    kidney, ureter, bladder
  116. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
  117. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  118. TUR, TURP
    transurethral resection, transurethral resection of the prostate
  119. UA
  120. HSV
    herpes simplex virus
  121. PSA
    the test for prostate cancer
  122. seminiferous tubules
    produce sperm
  123. testosterone
    male hormone
  124. balano
  125. deferens
    carrying away
  126. didymos
    testis, twin
  127. gono
    offspring, seed
  128. oligo
    little, scanty
  129. orchido
  130. scrotum
  131. semen
  132. spermato
    seed, male
  133. vaso
    vessel, duct
  134. penis
    highly vascular organ
  135. prepuce
    the foreskin
  136. prostate gland
  137. scrotum
    the sac that contains the testis
  138. seminal vesicles
    produces seminal fluid
  139. testes
    male reproductive organ
  140. epididymis
    stores sperm
  141. vas deferens, ductus deferens
    the passage way for the sperm
  142. ejaculatory duct
    the passage through the prostate
  143. actinomycosis
    fungus infection also known as "jock itch"
  144. anorchism
    missing a testicle
  145. balantis
    inflammation of the glans penis
  146. chlamidia
    STD - can cause blindness in babies
  147. cryptorchism
    (hidden) the testes did not come down to the scrotum
  148. epididymitis
    inflammation of the epididymis
  149. herpes simplex virus
    causes blistering on the penis
  150. hydrocele
    water build up in the scrotal area
  151. hypertophy of prostate, benign
    overgrown prostate & pinching the urethra (non-cancerous)
  152. orchitis
    inflammation of the testes
  153. impotence
    unable to get erection
  154. phimosis
    the opening at the end of prepuce is too small
  155. polyorchism, polyorchidism
    has more than two testes
  156. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate
  157. ceminoma
    malignancy of the testes
  158. syphilis
    STD - affects the CNS is untreated
  159. varicocele
    varicose veins at the inguinal/spermatic cord area
  160. circumcision
    removing the foreskin/prepuce
  161. epididymectomy
    removing the epididymis
  162. excision of hydrocele
    draining the hydrocele
  163. orchiectomy, orchectomy, orchidectomy
    removing the testicle
  164. orchiopexy
    to suspend the testis
  165. orchioplasty
    repair the testes
  166. vasectomy
    to cut out a piece & tie off the vas deferens on both sides
  167. vasoepididyomostomy
    artificial opening between the vas deferens & epididymis
  168. vasovasostomy
    a removal of a vasectomy or repair of obstruction
  169. lumbosacral pain
    pain in the lower back region
  170. azoospermis
    not producing sperm
  171. mucopurulent discharge
    muccus and pus discharge
  172. chancre
    open sore
  173. oligospermis
    low sperm count
  174. prostatism
    urinary difficulty because of large prostate
  175. strangury
    painful urination (drop by drop)
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