Seventh grade Latin Stage Seven Life After Death Quiz

  1. Where were tombs located?
    They were located outside the town by the sides of the road near the Nucrian Gate and the Herculanium Gate.
  2. What typed of tombs might you have seen?
    Some tombs were grand and impressive and looked like small house while others were plain and simple.
  3. Cremation-
    The burning of the deceased
  4. Inhumation-
    The burial of the dead
  5. Which was more common during the time of Pompeii, cremation or inhumation?
    Cremation because it cost less
  6. For what two reasons did the Romans bury their dead on the side of streets?
    Romans buried them on the sides of roads because they believed that unless they provided the deceased with good homes, the dead would haunt them, and they believed the deceased would want company
  7. What types of possessions might a person have buried with him and why?
    A person might have tools, jewelry, or toys buried with them to keep them occupied and happy in the Underworld
  8. How were food and drink associated with the dead?
    Food and drink were given as sacrifices to the dead.
  9. What was a ghost's favorite drink?
  10. What is a cinerary urn?
    A vessel used to preserve the ashes of the dead.
  11. How did the Romans try to cheer up the dead, whom they considered unhappy?
    The Romans decorated the tombs with flower garlands and gardens
  12. What were the Elysian Fields?
    Eternal paradise
  13. What was Tartarus?
    Eternal punishment
  14. Who were Tityus and the daughters of Danaus?
    Tityus had his liver pecked out by vultures, and the daughters of Danaus had to carry pots of water with holes in them forever
  15. Who was Epicurus, and what did his followers believe?
    Epicurus was a Greek philosopher that believed that when a man died, the breath that gave him life dissolved and was forever lost.
  16. Epitaph-
    a poem on a grave stone commemorating the deceased
  17. Necropolis-
    A historic burial ground
  18. Sarcophagus-
    A stone coffin
  19. Cenotaph-
    A sepuchral monument in memory of the deceased
  20. Stele-
    A slab or pillar acting as a monument
  21. Columbarium-
    A sepulchral vault with indentations for the deceased's ashes.
  22. Mausoleum-
    A stately and magnificent tomb
  23. Tumulus-
    An artificial mound over a grave
  24. Catacombs-
    An underground cemetary
  25. Capulus
    A tomb (or lasso)
  26. Loculi-
    A compartment in an alter where relics are kept.
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Seventh grade Latin Stage Seven Life After Death Quiz
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