Location of epithelium tissue for anatomy lab

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  1. Simple Squamous epithelium
  2. simple cuboidal epithelium
    kidney tubules
  3. simpel columnar epithelium
    digestive tract, gallbladder
  4. pseudostratified columnar epithelium
    vas deferens, trachea, ducts of large glands
  5. stratified squamous epithelium
    epidermis of skin, vagina, mouth, esophagus
  6. stratified cuboidal epithelium
    mammary glands, salivary glands
  7. stratified columnar epithelium
    male urethra, large ducts of some glands
  8. transitional epithelium
    lines ureters, urinary bladder
  9. mesenchyme (embryonic)
  10. loose connective tissue, areolar
    around organs and capillaries, lamina propria of mucous membranes
  11. loose connective tissue, adipose
    hypodermis, breasts
  12. loose connective tissue, reticular
    lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, liver
  13. dense connective tissue, dense regular
    tendons, ligaments
  14. dense connective tissue, dense irregular
    fibrous capsules, shoulder join, dermis of the skin
  15. cartilage, elastic
    external ear, epiglottis
  16. cartilage, fibrocartilage
    invertebral discs, pubic symphysis
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Location of epithelium tissue for anatomy lab
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