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  1. Target Neutralization is the standard for rocket engagements. Target Neutralization is an engagement that causes _____________ in the target effective area.
    10-percent casualties/destruction of material
  2. The Four types of ballistics influencing projectiles fired from helicopters are____,____,____,___. Each type produces _____, Which is the degree that projectiles vary in range and deflection about a target.
    Interior, Exterior, Aerial, Terminal 

  3. Firing rockets at a forward airspeed ______ provides a favorable relative wind, which helps to ___________. When a rocket is fired from a hovering helicopter, the favorable relative wind is replaced by an unfavorable and turbulent wind causing by rotor wash.
    Above ETL

    Counteract thrust misalignment
  4. ______ deals with characteristics that influence the motion of the projectile as it moves along its trajectory
    Exterior Ballistics
  5. when viewed from the rea, most projectiles spin in a _______ direction. Spinning projectiles act like a gyroscope and exhibit gyroscopic precession. This effect causes the projectile to move to the _____ this is the horizontal plane gyroscopic effect. As the range to target increases, projectile drift ______.


  6. The effect of wind on a projectile in flight is ________.
    Wind drift.
  7. When firing into a crosswind, the gunner must aim _____ so that the ___ ____ the projectile back to the target. Firing into the wind or downwind __________ in azimuth but will require ____ ___.
    Upwind   Wind drifts

    • Requires no compensation
    • Range Adjustment
  8. Max Error is induced by rotor down wash when the weapon system is fired from and aircraft hovering _____
  9. For off-axis shots within +90 degrees of the heading of the Helicopter, trajectory shift causes the round to hit Left or Right of the target. to correct for trajectory shift, the gunner ____ ___ ____.
    leads the target
  10. Trajectory Shift and Projectile drift combine to constitute the _______. When targets are on the left, the effects to drifts and shift compound each other; both cause the round to move _____.
    port-starboard effect

  11. The amount that a projectile jumps is proportional to its initial yaw. Firing to the right produces a ____ jump ; firing to the left produces an ____ jump.
    Downward,  Upward
  12. Unlike a bullet the CG of a rocket is in front of the center of pressure.As the rocket propellant burns, the CG moves ___ ___. The fins of the rocket cause the center of pressure to follow the CG.
    Farther Forward
  13. When a pilot Flies a Helicopter out of trim--either horizontally or vertically or both --the change in the crosswind component deflects the rocket as it leaves the launcher. Because the rocket is accelerating as it leaves the launcher, the force acting upon the fins causes the nose _______.
    to turn into the wind
  14. A vertical out of trim condition results from _________.
    an improper power setting
  15. To Maintain a vertical trim condition, the pilot must __ _ ___ __ ___ that will produce the desired airspeed and altitude.
    maintain a constant power setting
  16. Terminal Ballistics describes the chracteristics and effects of the projectiles ____
    at the target
  17. Weapons fired with a ___ ___ of impact produce fragmentation patterns that are ____ ___. A projectile fired from NOE altitudes at the midrange of the weapon froms ___ ___ ___, with the projectile impacting at ___ ____.
    High Angle   Close Together 

    An elongated pattern,  Shallow angles
  18. The Articulating pylons address angular rates in the pitch axis up to ____ ____ ___.
    10 degrees per second
  19. The M789 HEDP is an _____ and ____ round.
    antimaterial, antipersonnel
  20. Fragmentation of the projectile body also occurs that can produce antipersonnel effects within a __ ____.
    4- meter radius
  21. The _____ __ is an antipersonnel, anti material warhead
    M151 HE
  22. What is the bursting radius of the M151 HE ____, but can produce a lethality radius of more than _____.
    10 meters 50 meters
  23. The _____(white phosphorous) is used for target marking and_____ purposes.
    M156, Incendiary
  24. What are the gimble limits of the PNVS/TADS
    +/-20 -45 +/-90  

    +30 -60  +/-120
  25. what is the fixed gun limits?
    0az and + 0.87 in el
  26. What are the gun limits?
    +/- 86az +11 in EL (9w/in +/- of centerline) -60in EL

    • +/-52 (with a missle firing on the inboard pylon)
    • +/- 60 to rocket side

    -6.45 within 86 left and right of the aircraft centerline with GND ORIDE on
  27. Muzzle Velocity
  28. The Max effective range is of the gun is?
    1500 to 1700 meters Ballistic solution out to 4200meters
  29. What is the gun Duty Cycle?
    6x50 rnds burst, 5sec between bursts with a 10min cool down
  30. The parameters of the Dynamic Harm?
    • Maitain heading +/- 5
    • 500 to 1500 meters
  31. The limits of the Rocket Pylons?
    +4.9 to -15 Mechanical

    +4.0 to -15 Software

    • +3.48 fixed pylon
    • +4.0 flt stow assumed 5sec  off squat switch
    • -5 ground stow
  32. Range of the Mk66 motor?
    500 to 7500meters
  33. Danger close for the 30mm?
    500m  75m/246'

    1000m 95m/312'

    1500m 115m/378'
  34. Danger close for the 2.75 HE rockets?
    • 300m 140m/460'
    • 800m 210m/689'
    • 1500m 305m/1001'
  35. Danger Close for the 2.75 Flechette mk255?
    1000m 170m/558'
  36. Danger close for the AGM-114 hellfire?
  37. The Maximum velocity of the hellfire?
    475m/sec (1.4mach)
  38. When does the hellfire missle arm?
    when launch exceeds 10gs 150 to 300m in front of the aircraft
  39. What is the Gimbal limit for the Hellfire?
    +/- 30
  40. What are the four firing Techniques?
  41. What are the Negative factors when illuminating TGTs?
    Boresight Erroe, Spot Jitter, Beam Divergence,Attenuation,Overspill,Underspill,Backscatter
  42. time of flight for the 30mm
  43. the 30mm HEDP can produce anti-personnel effects within a ___ meter radius and penetrate  more than __inches of RHA at ___meters.
    4, 2, 2500
  44. Danger Close Standing for the 30MM
    • 500m 75m
    • 1000m 95m
  45. What is the max ballistic solution of the 30mm
  46. Max effective range of the 30mm
    1500 to 1700m
  47. Maximum effective range for MK66 rockets is ______
    3000 to 5000
  48. Caution for the MK-66 Do Not fire at a hover or low a/s less that__ft agl and all other flt conditions of __ft AGL is not Authorized
  49. When firing rkts from a hover, at ranges beyond ____meters, pitch attitude changes (nose-up) may have to be made to meet firing constraints
  50. Burst radius of the M151 10lbs and the lethality?
  51. the flechette warhead detonates ___meters before the predetermined range set by the rocket management system
  52. min range to Target when firing flechette rockets is ___meters. the effective range is __to__km
    800m 1 to 3km
  53. flechettes can penetrate __mm of mild steel (truck  body) at approximately ___m
  54. in internal boresight prior to any firing of the laser___or ____ when tads is used at the imagery sensor
    LAser or Weapons
  55. It is recommended that an internal boresight be accomplished ___ times every __ hours, or __ every ___ and __mins
    2, 2.5 / 1 per 1.25
  56. =or<___c and average optics temp changes by >c  or
    >__c and average optics temp changes by>__c
    • 20, 30
    • 20 15
  57. When using LMC, ensure an accurate ___ ___ must be maintained to ease in tracking
    Dynamic Range
  58. time of flight for the hellfire at 70
  59. The FCR is capable of detecting from __ to __1023 tgts in the GTM and RMAP modes
  60. FCR moving Targets symbols become stale after ___sec and stationary target symbols become stale after __sec
  61. The FCR will provide reliable data while maneuvering up to ___degrees in roll and___degrees to ___degrees in pitch
    20  +20-15
  62. Priority scheme __ IS airborne and Stationary ground targets
  63. Priority scheme __ stationary Ground
  64. Priority scheme __airborne and moving ground targets
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