Knife Defense

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    Upward thrusting knife

    Skip backward, “V” block, then trap knife; step right foot outside, raise knife arm overhead and pivot left, step through with left foot placing right hand on butt of knife, thrust knife into attacker’s side.
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    Upward thrusting knife

    Side step left, RH ulnar strike to knife hand (pressure point), trap knife hand with both hands; stepping right in horse riding stance, shoulder under knife hand elbow; break elbow, left elbow strike to solar plexus.
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    Knife thrust to mid-section

    Side step left, trap knife hand with both hands, wrist lock; right foot step forward, pivot left on right foot, twist knife hand down to ground, clear knife.
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    Knife thrust to mid-section

    Step 45° right, parry (palm block) with RH to inside punching arm.  Trap with LH, right elbow strike to ribs, underhook attacker’s right arm, lift shoulder; left foot step back and pivot on right foot bringing attacker down; RH chop to the throat, clear the knife.
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    Knife thrust to face

    Step 45° left, right knife hand block then trap with both hands; swing arm left, right round kick to the mid-section; continue turn left going under knife hand, twisting knife hand behind back; grab neck (and squeeze) and send right knee to mid-section, clear knife.
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    Knife thrust to face

    Step 45° right, LH knife block, trap, grab with both hands; swing right, pivot right and under arm, bring attacker to ground and lock arm in place, clear knife.
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    Sideward in-to-out slashing knife

    Step 45° left, right knife hand block then trap; LH “knife roll” just above attacker’s right elbow (hit pressure point); push over; bring left leg over the top striking head and lock arm in place; grab behind neck, move right leg forward for right elbow break; grab knife step forward pivoting on left foot and set up for knife thrust.
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    Sideward out-to-in slashing knife

    Step 45° right, double knife hand block on knife arm, trap with left hand, RH one arm strike to neck; grab knife hand with right hand, pivot right with wrist lock bending over  attacker; grab behind neck, sweep right leg; turn left and thrust knife into attacker.
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    Downward thrusting knife

    Step 45° left, LH high block, stepping forward reach under with right arm and grab attackers forearm bend forward locking arm in place; pivot left on right foot, bring attacker to ground and lock arm in place, clear knife.
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