AAC quiz

  1. AAC
    Augmentative and Alternative Cummunication
  2. AT
    Assistive Technology
  3. IDEA
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  4. IEP
    Individualized Education Program
  5. UDL
    Universal Design for Learning
  6. UD
    universal design
  7. OATC
    oklahoma assistive technology center
  8. ATP
    assistive technology professional
  9. SLPAT
    speech and language processing for assistive technologies
  10. PRC
    prentke romich company
  11. CMN
    certificate of medical necessity
  12. DME
    durable medical equipment
  13. SGD
    speech generating device
  14. EOB
    explanation of benefits
  15. HIPAA
    health insurance portability and accountability act
  16. LMN
    letter of medical necessity
  17. OHCA
    oklahoma health care authority
  18. ADL
    activities of daily living
  19. SSI-DCP
    supplimentary security income-disabled childrens program
  20. OASIS
    oklahoma area services information system
  21. ALS
    aided language stimulation
  22. PECS
    picture exchange communication system
  23. SETT
    student environment tasks tools
  24. ADA
    americans with disabilities act
  25. UE
    upper extremity
  26. LE
    lower extremity
  27. ROM
    range of motion
  28. ECU
    environmental control units
  29. SSI
    social security income
  30. EOMB
    explanation of medicare benefits
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