Biology AS Unit 1 module 1 definitions

  1. Define resolution
    The degree to which it is possible to distinguish between two points.
  2. Define magnification
    The degree to wich the image of the object is larger than the object itself.
  3. What is the max resolution and magnification for A light microscope?
    • resolution: 200nm
    • magnification: x1500
  4. What is the max resolution & magnification of a TEM?
    • resolution: 0.2nm
    • magnification: x500,000
  5. Max res and mag of SEM?
    • resolution: 0.2nm
    • Magnification: x100,000
  6. Define Cell signalling.
    The processes that lead to the communication and coordination between cells.
  7. Define what is meant by osmosis
    The movement of water molecules from a region of higher water potential to a region of lower water potential through a partially permeable membrane.
  8. What are homologous chromosomes?
    • Chromosomes that have the same genes at the same loci. 
    • Members of a pair of homologous chromosomes pair up during meiosis.
    • Diploid organisms have homologous paris,
    • one from paternal one from maternal.
    • Same banding pattern.
  9. What is a stem cell?
    An undifferentiated cell that is capable of being differentiated into a number of possible cell types.
  10. Define differentiation
    The developmental changes sseen in cells as they mature to form specialised cells.
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