Important Korean Verbs

  1. 공부하다
    To study
  2. 일하다
    To work
  3. 기억하다
    To remember
  4. 청소하다
    To clean
  5. 요리하다
    To cook
  6. 이사하다
    To move, to move into a different house
  7. 노래하다
    To sing
  8. 노력하다
    To try hard, to make effort
  9. 동의하다
    To agree
  10. 인정하다
    To admit, to acknowledge
  11. 후회하다
    To regret
  12. 말하다
    To speak
  13. 생각하다
    To think
  14. 때리다
    To hit
  15. 웃다
    To laugh
  16. 쓰다
    To write
  17. 기다리다
    To wait
  18. 이상하다
    To be strange
  19. 멋있다
    To be cool, to be awesome
  20. 잡다
    To catch
  21. 팔다
    To sell
  22. 가르치다
    To teach
  23. 걷다
    To walk
  24. 달리다
    To run
  25. 하다
    To do
  26. 마시다
    To drink
  27. 놀다
    To hang out, to play
  28. 쉬다
    To rest
Card Set
Important Korean Verbs
To study, to work, to remember