Social Studies

  1. Ally
    An ally is a person or group that joins with another to work toward a goal.
  2. Congress
    A congress is a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject.
  3. Rebellion
    A rebellion is a fight against a government.
  4. Proclamation
    It's an official public statement.
  5. Tax
    A tax is money that people pay to their government in return to there services.
  6. Smuggling
    Avoid paying tax.
  7. Liberty
    Freedom from being controlled by another government.
  8. Boycott
    A group of people who refuse to buy, sell, or use certain goods.
  9. Reapel
  10. Massacre
    A killing of many people.
  11. Correspondence
    Written communication.
  12. Quarter
    Give people food and shelter.
  13. Delagate
    Someone who speaks and acts for others.
  14. Patriots
    People who oppose to British rules.
  15. Millitia
    A group of ordinary people who train for battle.
  16. Minutemen
    People with special training.
  17. Commander
    The officer in charge of an army.
  18. Petition
    A written request from a number of people.
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