BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 9

  1. What is the Explicit memory?
    memory of facts or events
  2. What is the name for the memory of facts or events?
    The Explicit memory
  3. WHat type of explicit memory are there?
    Episodic and semantic
  4. What is an Episodic Explicit memory?
    Events in personal history
  5. What is a Semantic explicit memory?
    Facts and meanings = more abstract
  6. What type of memory is one of personal events?
  7. What type of memory is concerning facts and meanings and can be abstract?
  8. What two types of declarative memory are there?
    • Short term
    • Long term
  9. What part of the brain is involved in declarative short term memory?
    Hippocampus and limbic system
  10. What part of the brain is involved in long term declarative memory?
    The Cerebral cortex
  11. What are the two types of Procedural memory?
    • Short term
    • Long term
  12. What rain location is associated with short term procedural memory?
    Widely dispersed throughout the brain, plastic
  13. What part of the brain is associated with Long term Procedural memory?
    • basal nuclei
    • cerebellum
    • sensorimotor cortx
  14. What example was given in class of sensorimotor cotrex long term procedural memories?
    Motor skills associated with clicking to check e-mail
  15. What type of memory would contain information about relationship and series of events in an action?
    Procedural memory
  16. If one part of the brain is damaged how does the brain cope?
    By providing duplicate functions in another part of the brain that can make up for losses
  17. What exist in neural circuits?
    Working memory
  18. What form are Working memories found in?
    Neural circuits
  19. Long term memory can be enhanced or created by what action?
    Increased protein synthesis of neural components
  20. Secondary messenger systems and ion channels play a role in what?
    Changing memories and building memories
  21. Is the physiological basis for memories in the genes?
    No, but transcription is involved
  22. What is long term potentiation?
    Long term enhancement of the connection between two neurons
  23. Strengthening of synaptic connections can cause what?
    Long term potentiation
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 9
BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 9