BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 8

  1. What neurotransmitter is used in the Locus cerebreus?
  2. What neurotransmitter is used in the Nucleus accumbens?
  3. What is the neurotransmitter used in the Mesolimbic region?
  4. What amino acid is need to make Dopamine?
  5. Tyrosine is need to make what neurotransmitter?
  6. Where are the anatomical sites for emotion located?
    • Cerebral cortex
    • Forebrain
    • Limbic system
  7. What controls much of emotional behavior?
  8. What hormones are associated with stress?
    • Norepinephrine
    • Epinephrine
  9. What hormones are associated with comfort?
    • Prolactin
    • Dopamine
  10. What controls your display of emotions?
    Autonomic nervous system
  11. What is the role of the Autonomic nervous system in conscious thought?
    Display of emotional behavior
  12. What kind of conscious thought is associated with the Limbic system?
    • Learning
    • Motivation
    • Appetite
    • Emotional responses
  13. What system of the brain is associated with emotional responses, motivation, appetite and learning?
    The Limbic system
  14. What are the components of the limbic system (6)?
    • Prefrontal cortex
    • Cortex
    • Hippocampus
    • Mamillary body
    • Amygdala
    • basal nuclei
  15. The Prefrontal cortex, Cortex, Mamillary body, hippocampus, basal nuclei and amygdala are all parts of what conscious system of the body?
    Limbic system
  16. What part of the brain is important for cortisol production?
    The Mamillary body
  17. What does the Mamillary body produce?
  18. What are cortisol levels dependant on?
    Stress levels
  19. What are the two main types of memories?
    • Implicit
    • Explicit
  20. What is an Implicit memory?
    • Procedural memory
    • training or development of a skill set
  21. What is the procedural memory?
    • The Implicit memory
    • skill sets and training
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 8
BIOL 404-Exam 4-CNS 8