World War I Vocab

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  1. Imperialism
    The taking of colonies by the mother country. Nations in Europe took lands in Asia and Africa.
  2. Militarism
    The building up of huge armies and navies and supplying them with weapons.
  3. Nationalism
    The belief and loyalty to a nation and not a leader
  4. Alliances
    Friendships among nations
  5. Triple Alliances
    A defensive treaty among Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
  6. Triple Entente
    Triple Understanding- A defensive treaty among France, Russia and England.
  7. Kaiser
    Means Caesar- title for the ruler of Germany
  8. Fourteen Points
    Speech given by Wilson Promising Germany fair treatment if they agreed to cease-fire
  9. Armistice Day
    Nov. 11, 1918- Day Germany agreed to a cease-fire. Today it is known as Veterans Day
  10. Treaty of Versailles
    Treaty that ended World War I in 1919
  11. League of Nations
    an international organization founded by President Wilson of the United States to maintain peace
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