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  1. The great drought in 1930 changed the prairies of Texas and Oklahoma into a dry dusty mess known as the
    Dust Bowl
  2. There is one point in the U.S. where you can be in 4 states at the same time.   What is this called?
    The Four Corners
  3. What 4 states form the "Four Corners"
    Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico
  4. Oklahoma and Texas have rolling plains that are ideal for what?
    cattle and sheep to graze
  5. What is the only state in this region with a coast line
  6. What is the climate like in the South west Region?
    hot and ry year round.
  7. How big is the Grand Canyon?
    1 mile deep and 18 miles across.
  8. What two states pump the most oil out of the ground in this region?
  9. What happened at the Alamo?
    A group of 260 volunteers fighters held off the Mexican army of 1500 men for 13 days while fighting for Texas freedom from Mexico
  10. Did Texas win the battle at the Alamo?
    No but they did win their freedom and independence later from Mexico.
  11. Name 3 famouos african american cowboys who worked on ranches and did cattle herding in this area in the mid 1800s
    Nate Love, Addison Jones and Bill Pickett
  12. Why did the Spanish first come to American?
    They were looking for the cities of gold they had been told about.
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Social Studies page 3
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