Theatre History 3 Final

  1. Postmodernism
    literary movement that leaves modernism; no belief in a capital-T truth
  2. Happening
    semi-planned, semi-improvved events that included audiences; created by Allan Kaprow
  3. Environmental Theatre
    theatre performed not at a standard theatre; its six rules were created by Richard Schechner of the Performance Group
  4. Globalization
    international integration arising from interchange of worldviews and culture
  5. Performance Art
    an art piece that is by a performer, directed to an audience;
  6. Camp
    an ironic appreciation that might of that which might otherwise be considered outlandish or corny
  7. Pastiche
    a work of art that closely imitates another work of art
  8. Poor Theatre
    Jerzy Grotowski's experimental theatre that had stripped-down elements
  9. Theatre of the Oppressed
    Augusto Boal's theatre with active audiences called spect-actors
  10. Invisible Theatre
    public theatre staged as regular, real conversations meant to disguise theatre; part of theatre of the oppressed
  11. Forum Theatre
    part of theatre of the oppressed--all members roleplay different characters as spect-actors;
  12. Guerilla Theatre
    "street theatre"--involves acting out a social issue in a public place
  13. Direct Action
    theatre as a political tactic of confrontation and disruption intended to attract and arouse public awareness and action
  14. Applied Theatre
    an umbrella term for theatre with a greater purpose than entertainment
  15. Community-based Theatre
    theatre aimed for civic involvement and community morale, involving as many members of the community (non-actors) as possible
  16. Butoh
    Japanese dance/movement/performance
  17. Beijing (AKA Peking) Opera
    traditional chinese theatre that I already just know about
  18. Urban Circuit
    "chitlin" circuit; very spiritual black theatre, performed in churches; Tyler Perry
  19. Sheng
    Male role in Beijing opera--can be any age or of any sub-type
  20. Dan
    Female role in Beijing opera
  21. Jing
    Painted face role in Beijing opera; very powerful characters
  22. Chou
    Clown role in Beijing opera; secondary, comical characters
  23. Huaju
    Chinese "spoken word" drama based on Western drama
  24. Tractor Opera
    I have no fucking idea
  25. Colorblind Casting
    casting where the characters and actors' races are not figured into the equation
  26. Creative Drama
    drama for non-actors that is used to facilitate growth and education, not for performance;
  27. Deadly Theatre
    Peter Brooks' idea of the worst kind of theatre; boring, competent, uninspired, a chore for the audience, like most productions of Shakespeare
  28. Stonewall Uprising
    violent demonstrations by the gay community against a police raid in Greenwich village
  29. Choreopoem
    dance-poem, like Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
  30. Found Space
    any non-theatrical place where a play is staged
  31. Transformed Space
    any non-theatrical place that is transformed into a theatre for the play
  32. Metanarrative
    a grand narrative common to everyone
  33. Simulacrum
    an image/copy without the substance or qualities of the original
  34. Installation
    site-specific art pioneered by Allan Kaprow;
  35. Richard Schechner
    Founder of environmental theatre (wrote the six axioms); founder of The Performance Group; produced Dionysius in '69
  36. Allan Kaprow
    performance artist who helped to develop installation art and happenings
  37. Vsevold Meyerhold
    Russian director who co-founded the Moscow Art Theatre with Vladimir Namirovich-Danchenko; very important to the symbolist movement; killed by Stalin's men in 1940
  38. Lorraine Hansberry
    first black playwright to be produced on Broadway for A Raisin in the Sun
  39. Luis Valdez
    pioneer of the Chicano movement; founded El Teatro Campesino; wrote Zoot Suit
  40. Holly Hughes
    One of the NEA Four; lesbian with sexual performances; performed at the WOW (Women's One World) Cafe; performed The Well of Horniness
  41. Karen Finley
    One of the NEA Four; "the chocolate-smeared woman";
  42. John Fleck
    One of the NEA Four; "Vagina Dentata"
  43. Tim Miller
    one of the NEA four; "My Queer Body"
  44. Jerzy Grotowski
    pioneer in experimental theatre; Poor theatre--theatre with stripped down elements/minimalist
  45. Tadeusz Kantor
    Impossible theatre--creating thought onstage; founded CRICOT 2
  46. Maria Irene Fornes
    Cuban-American playwright who wrote Mud, Fefu and Her Friends, and The Conduct of Life
  47. Augusto Boal
    Theatre of the oppressed;
  48. Adrian Piper
    Performance artist--"Self-portrait exaggerating my negroid features"; would confront people when they said racist things
  49. Yoko Ono
    Performance artist--"Cut Piece"--married John Lennon
  50. Marina Abromovic
    "The Artist is Present"
  51. Carolee Schneeman
    Feminist performance artist who performed "Interior Scroll"
  52. Chris Burden
    "Shoot"; also the one where he tried to drown himself
  53. Judith Malina
    founded The Living Theatre with Julian Beck; experimental
  54. Julian Beck
    founded The Living Theatre with Judith Malina; experimental
  55. Joseph Chaikin
    founded The Open Theatre, a physical theatre group, with Jean-Claude van Itallie; they did The Serpent
  56. Peter Schumann
    founder and director of the Bread and Puppet Theatre;
  57. Adrienne Kennedy
    African-American playwright attached to the Black Arts Movement; most famous for her first play, Funnyhouse of a Negro
  58. Alice Childress
    African-American playwright who was successful with white audiences, like Lorraine Hansberry, with plays like Trouble in Mind
  59. Ntozake Shange
    Black feminist who wrote choreopoems like For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf
  60. Anna Deveare Smith
    actress and playwright famous for her "documentary"-style verbatim theatre, like Fires in the Mirror or Let Me Down Easy
  61. August Wilson
    Black playwright who wrote Fences, Joe Turner's Come and Gone, The Piano Lesson, and many more as a part of the Pittsburgh cycle, ten plays set in ten different decades of the 20th century, chronicling the black experience
  62. Robert Brustein
    Founded Yale Rep and American Repertory Theatre; argued with August Wilson about race and colorblind casting
  63. Suzan-Lori Parks
    African-American playwright who wrote Topdog/Underdog and The America Play
  64. Peggy Phelan
    found the liveness of theatre to be essential
  65. Phillip Auslander
    liveness only exists when nonliveness exists; the feeling of liveness is most important
  66. Peter Brook
    Director of really long plays; Theatre of Cruelty season, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Mahabharata; hated Deadly Theatre (boring, competent theatre)
  67. Robert Wilson
    director/designer with intense creative visions; did Shakespeare's sonnets; Einstein on the Beach
  68. Anne Bogart
    Viewpoints; co-founded SITI Company
  69. Martha Graham
    modern dance pioneer; Lamentation
  70. Pina Bausch
    German choreographer who worked in the style of Tanztheater
  71. Tadashi Suzuki
    created the Suzuki method; co-founded SITI company with Anne Bogart
  72. Euginio Barba
    Founded the Odin Theatre
  73. JoAnne Akalaitis
    Founded Mabou Mines; Endgame in a subway
  74. Lee Breuer
    Mabou Mines Dollhouse with little people
  75. Gao Xingjian
    Chinese playwright who adapted western plays
  76. Viola Spolin
    Improvisation for the Theatre
  77. Ed Bullins
    black playwright of the Black Arts Movement with Amiri Baraka; wrote The Electronic Nigger
  78. John O'Neal
    Co-founded the Free Southern Theatre as part of the Black Theatre Movement
  79. Amiri Baraka
    founder of the Black Arts Movement; wrote Dutchman and The Slave
  80. Charles Ludlam
    American playwright and founder of Ridiculous Theatre Company; wrote The Mystery of Irma Vep
  81. Black Arts Movement
    artistic branch of the Black Power movement; wanted to create theatre by, for, and near black people; founded by Amiri Baraka--Dutchman
  82. El Teatro Campesino
    Hispanic farmworkers' theatre founded by Luis Valdez; raised funds for striking farm workers
  83. Performance Group
    Environmental theatre group founded by Richard Schechner; they produced Dionysus in '69
  84. Split Britches
    queer camp theatre founded by Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, and Deb Margolin; performed "Belle Reprieve" based on A Streetcar Named Desire
  85. Spiderwoman Theatre
    theatre for Native American female playwrights; founded by Muriel Miguel
  86. East-West Players
    Asian-American Theatre organization
  87. Bread and Puppet Theatre
    politically radical puppet theatre founded by Peter Schumann; gives free bread to the audience; admission is free
  88. San Francisco Mime Troupe
    free political satire theatre
  89. Polish Laboratory Theatre
    Jerzy Grotowski's poor theatre
  90. CRICOT 2
    Tadeusz Kantor's Polish theatre
  91. Ridiculous Theatre Company
    Founded by playwright Charles Ludlam; interested in queer/camp theatre; split up after Ludlam's death in 1987
  92. Cornerstone Theatre Company
    theatre company that specializes in community-based collaboration
  93. INTAR
    longest-running Latino theatre
  94. WOW Cafe
    Women's One World Cafe; lesbian theatre space where many performance artists started
  95. Guthrie Theatre
    very large regional theatre in Minneapolis;
  96. La Mama
    off-off-Broadway experimental theatre club
  97. SITI Company
    co-founded by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki; combines the methods of Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method
  98. NEA Four
    Holly Hughes, Karen Finley, John Fleck, Tim Miller
  99. Living Theatre
    experimental theatre group founded by Julian Beck and Judith Malina
  100. Open Theatre
    experimental theatre group founded by Joseph Chaikin; they produced works by Jean-Claude van Itallie and others
  101. Guerilla Girls
    anonymous group of feminists fighting sexism in the art world
  102. Odin Teatret
    founded by Eugenio Barba
  103. Mabou Mines
    co-founded by JoAnne Akalaitis and Lee Breuer and others; they did the little-person Dollhouse
  104. ACT UP
    AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power; founded by Larry Kramer to fight the AIDS epidemic
  105. Queer Nation
    LGBTQ activist organization formed from ACT UP members
  106. New Lafayette Players
    black theatrical group in Harlem; Ed Bullins wrote for them for a while
  107. Free Southern Theatre
    Black theatre movement created by members from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, including John O'Neal
  108. List and Describe at least three types of applied theatre
  109. List and explain the six tenets of environmental theatre
  110. Describe the events and key players of the NEA Four controversy
  111. List and describe three representatives of African-American theatre movements
  112. List and describe three representatives of US Social Change Theatres of the 1960s
  113. List and describe three representatives of performance artists of the 1960s and 1970s
  114. Explain the "liveness debate"
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