Reinventions Further Reading

  1. Gayatri Spivak
    • o   Rhys suggests that human identity might be determined by the politics of imperialism.
    • o   Texts do not subvert imperialism. All texts are driven by a hidden motivation to support the existing “imperialist project” which was “England’s social mission”.
    • o   WSS reinvents/follows Jane Eyre’s existing tradition.
  2. Laura E. Ciolkowski
    o The relationship between complicity and resistance in feminism and post-colonialism.

    Antoinette embraces Englishness and racism at times.
  3. Judie Newman
    o Zombie metaphor

    o Colonial exploitation of slaves analogy

    o Hard labour under another’s control

    o Zombies lack subjectivity and free will

    • o Rochester creates a zombie out of Antoinette – a body without a
    • soul

    Antoinette mentions two deaths – physical/emotional
  4. Thomas F. Staley
    Rochester is portrayed sympathetically, rather than as a villain.
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