BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 18

  1. Why are multiple sperm needed for conception?
    to disperse the cumulus oophorus and corona radiata
  2. What needs to occur in order for the cumulus oophorus and corona radiata of the egg to be dispersed?
    50-200 sperm need to reach the egg
  3. What is the approximate time frame that the conception needs to occur?
    <24 hours after ovulation
  4. What causes the acrosomal reaction?
    Sperm contact with the zona pellucida
  5. What occurs when sperm contact the zona pellucida?
    The acrosomal reaction
  6. What is contained in the acrosome?
    Acrosin and other proteases
  7. Describe the acrosomal reaction:
    local digestion of the zona pellucida
  8. What mediates fusion?
    Fertilin, a sperm head protein
  9. What does Fertilin mediate?
  10. What is the term for fertilin mediated sperm attachment to the ovum membrane?
  11. What prevents other sperm from binding to the ovum?
    Extrusion of cortical granules into the perivitelline space, altering the Zona pellucida
  12. What is the purpose of cortical granules are extruded from the ovum into the perivitilline space, altering the zona pellucida?
    To prevent other sperm from binding the ovum
  13. What two things does sperm fusion cause?
    • Change in membrane potential
    • Extrusion of cortical granules altering the zona pellucida
  14. What is the visible sign of fertilization?
    the 2nd meiotic division creating a 2nd polar body
  15. After what step in fertilization does the 2nd meiotic division occur?
    After fusion
  16. What is the term for the fertilized egg?
  17. What is a zygote?
    A fertilized egg
  18. Where are cortical granules stored in the egg?
    In vesicles
  19. What occurs directly after the second meiotic division?
    Sperm and egg unite
  20. What is the Morula?
    The ball of cells inside the zona pellucida produced from division of the zygote
  21. What is the name for the ball of cells contained in the zona pellucida that develops soon after fertilization?
  22. What causes contractions of the Fallopian tube right after ovulation?
    High levels of Estrogen 2
  23. How long is the morula retained in the fallopian tube?
    3-4 days
  24. Why is it important that the morula be retained in the Fallopian tube for 3-4 days?
    Progesterone levels need to increase to prepare the endometrium for implantation
  25. What must happen for the morula to be delivered to the uterus?
    progesterone must increase and cause the fallopian tube to relax
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