History Final Hanks

  1. Who made the reraper in 1940s of harvesting wheat?
    • Micormic Reaper
    • McCormic SPices
  2. What was the turning poing in the war?
  3. Formed of anti immigrants. "American Party"
    No nothing party
  4. US Cournell turned down the Command of all Union
    Robert Lee
  5. Removal to Africa-American Colonization Society
    Orginization 1817
  6. Three sisters, spoke against slavery
  7. First secretary of state
    Alexander Hamilton
  8. Pickets charge is past of one battle
    Battle of Gettysburg
  9. Ended slavery in this country
    Thirteenth amendment
  10. demand of food stamps was reduced of wars leading to this
    Panic of 1819 "recession"
  11. Safe houses moved
    underground railroad
  12. Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Henry Stowe
  13. Proposal that would ban slavery
    Wilimant Priviso
  14. Act aimed at quieting critical john Adams
    Sedition Act
  15. New England in 1820s were central of...
    • Maramack river
    • Lowell Factories
  16. Secured florida from spain
  17. Carolinas-Georgia had a major crop
  18. Led slaves in revolt in Haiti in 1893
  19. Supreme court ruling says blacks would never be citizens
    Dred scott decision
  20. threatened kansas to become a slave state
    Compton Constitution
  21. transcendentalist
    Ralph Waldo Nermerson
  22. Commanded troops in New Orleans
    Old Hickory
  23. "era of good feelings"
    James Monroe
  24. Robert Livingston was from France and offered this
    Lousiana Purchase
  25. Ends war of 1812
    treaty of Ghent
  26. Henry kills tecomsuh People
    Battle of tippicaoe
  27. John C. Calhoun
  28. Emancipation only freed slaves under what?
  29. constitution did not include what?
    formation of political parties
  30. Asawnee Great lakes area, made confederacy
  31. How did civil war again???
    Fire of Fort Sumpter
  32. Inovations
    rifle muskit, trains, iron clad, submarine, steamboats
  33. Head of Nurse in union
    Dortha Dicks
  34. 1863 Lincoln pardon to confederate to renounce slavery
    Proclamation of Amnesty
  35. Johnson violated what?
    the tender of office act
  36. John jay negotioated w/ england to leave the NW
    The Jay Treaty
  37. Sink steven Douglass chances
    LaCompton Constitution
  38. Lincoln's favorite
    Compensation Pancipation
  39. What significatnt right was out of the bill of rights?
    the right to vote
  40. Peace democrats in North saught to negotiate treaty w/ confederacy were known as this.
    Copperhead-like snakes
  41. Battle of Victory Lincoln used for Emancipation Proclamation
  42. Cornell turned down
    Roberty E. Lee
  43. Suffered most losses
    War of 1812
  44. Ban american ships from trading
    Embargo Act of 1807
  45. What message did christians accept of slavery?
    Liberation of self
  46. What women was able to gain land?
    single women
  47. This gave up all claims of Rio Grande
    Treaty of Guadalupe dealgo
  48. Outspoken group to the opposition of war in Mexico
  49. Migration from farms to cities
    Working in factories
  50. 3 day battle
  51. Harpers fairy and died on it
    John Brom
  52. Led group of Mormons from Illinois to Salt Lake
    Brigham Young
  53. Judicial Review John Marshall put in place by doing this
    Madision vs. Marbury
  54. Used this say: "Controband of War"
    Benjamin Butler
  55. "Manifest Destiny"
    John Sullivan
  56. What was the dominant issue in campaign 1844?
    Anaxation of Texas
  57. 1862 passed by Legislation of Land moved to west
    Homestead Act
  58. believed banks were nurserys of national wealth
    Alexander Hamilton
  59. became well known war hero, campaigned as a common ban born in log cabin. win election of 1840.
    abraham lincoln
  60. Supreme court decision forced cherokees in georgeia to be distinct community occupying its own territory
    worsechter vs. georgia
  61. doctrine that argued that states need not accept an act of congress, congress had overstepped its powers. associated w/ s. carolina.
    doctrine of nullification
  62. finished in 1825. between albany and buffalo, ny. Linked NY city and Great Lakes
    Eerie Canal
  63. General: Old, rough, and ready
    Zachery Taylor
  64. Created a pan of Indians in Great Lakes area
  65. Vice Pres. who killed Alexander Hamilton in duel
    Aaron Burr
  66. Women's right movement began in-
    Sinkeka Falls
  67. Livingston negotiated this
    Louisianna Purchase
  68. Plot of an uprising led by VA slave during 1800 election
    Gabriel's rebellion
  69. Pres. Jefferson's personal secretary, leader of expedition to investigate indian cultures
    Marywheather Louis
  70. Quone Jefferson had to deal with over purchasing LA territory
  71. 4th removal of cherokees from traditional lands in GA
    trail of tears
  72. Package of protective terrifs to promote manufacturing and federal expenditures for eternal improvement
    The american System-Henry Clay
  73. Washington nationalisted the PA mullisha and led an effort to put down the revolts
    Whiskey Rebellion
  74. Henry Clay swung electoral votes to John Quincy Adams. This was called what?
    The Corrupt Bargain
  75. Officially ended war of 1812
    Treaty of Ghent
  76. Louis and Clark had this person to back them up
  77. William Walker and nacisco Lopez represent
    Phillip Busterers
  78. Movement of abolitionism
    Liberator of 1831
    Loyd Garrison
  79. Urged indians to return to tradition after his near death experience
  80. Authors of VA and KY resolves
    Thomas Jefferson and Madison
  81. Led slaves in revolt in Haiti
    Tusant Le Oveshur
  82. Founded in 1817 to promote gradual and individual emancipation sending slaves back to Africa
    American Colinization Society
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