1. Guilford St To Coldbath Square
    R Grays Inn Rd L Coley St R Gough St L Mount Pls hil F Cold Bath Sq
  2. Institute of Linguists
    Southwark Street/Saxon House
  3. Chats Palace
    Brooksby Walk
  4. Weech Hall
    Fortune Green Road
  5. Athol Square how to leave TA
    Lve by Blair St L Aberfeldy St R Ettrick St L Abot Rd
  6. East India Arms PH EC3
    Fenchurch Street
  7. Eastside Youth Centre E3
    Parnell Road
  8. Freshfields
    Fleet Street/Whitefriars Street EC4
  9. Norwood Bus Garage
    Ernest Avenue
  10. Aldgate Pump
    Fenchurch Street/Leadenhall Street
  11. Asia House
    Lime Street
  12. Bolton Bar and Restaurant
    Callum St EC3
  13. Saint Edmund King and Martyr Church
    Lombard Street
  14. Caravaggio Restaurant
    Leadenhall Street
  15. Banker PH
    Cousin Lane
  16. Bracken House
    Friday Street
  17. Fleetbank House
    Dorset Square
  18. KPMG
    Dorset Square
  19. Premier Inn London Blackfriars
    Dorset Rise
  20. Saint Stephen Walbrook Church
    Walbrook In by Bucklesbury
  21. The Chancery Restaurant
    Tooks Court/Cursiter Street
  22. Vanilla Black Restaurant
    Tooks Court
  23. Peters Hill
    Queen Victoria Street
  24. British Society Of Rheumatology
    Bride Lane
  25. London Press Club
    Bride Lane/Saint Bride Inst
  26. Saint Andrews Undershaft Church
    St Marry Axe
  27. Chinese Cricket Club
    New Bridge St/Crown Plaza Hotel
  28. Voltaire Pommery Champagne Bar
    New Bridge St/Tudor Street at Crown Plaza Hotel
  29. The Harrow PH
    White Frairs St/Primrose Hill
  30. The C Class Rooms
    White Frairs St
  31. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  32. Dorset House SE1
    Stamford Street
  33. One New Chage
    Cheapside/Bread Street
  34. Tempio Restaurant
    Tample Avenue
  35. Aldwych Theatre Stage Door
    Tavistock Street
  36. Ffionas Restaurant
    Kensington Church Street
  37. Ivor Novello Theatre Stage Door
    Tavistock Street
  38. Lab Bar
    Old Compton Street
  39. London Cocktail Club
    Goodge Street
  40. National Pro Bone Centre
    Chancery Lane
  41. Ricardo's Restaurant
    Fulham Road/Elm Place
  42. Theatre Royal Drury Lane Stage Door
    Russell Street
  43. Wycombe Square
    Aubrey Walk
  44. York House Place
    Kensington Church Street
  45. Spice Girls
    Piccadilly Theatre/Denman Street
  46. Firmdale Hotel
    Denman St
  47. Clockjack Restaurant
    Denman St
  48. Mash Steak House Restaurant
    Brewer Street
  49. Zoar Street
    Great Guilford Street
  50. Premier Inn SE1
    Great Suffolk Street
  51. Blackfriars Crown Court TA
    Pocock St L Sawyer St R Cooperfied St L Pepper St R Union St
  52. Baltazar Restaurant
    Russel Street
  53. Thiriller
    Lyric Theatre/Shaftesbury Avenue
  54. The Curies Incident of the Dog
    Apollo Theatre/Shaftesbury Avenue
  55. The Audance
    Gielgud Theatre/Shafterbury Avenu
  56. Les Misrables
    Queens Theatre/Shaftesbury Avenue
  57. Great Expectations
    Voudeville Theatre/Strand
  58. Midnight Tango
    Phoenix Theatre/Phoenix Street
  59. Jubilee Buildings
    Queens Terrace
  60. Ryecotes Mead SE21
    Dulwich Common
  61. Japan Centre
    Regent Street
  62. Sonah Goan Restaurant
    Osborn Street
  63. Ethnard Road SE15
    Green Hundred Road/Old Kent Road
  64. Lord Palmerston PH NW5
    Dartmouth Park Hill
  65. Saint Swithins Lane
    Cannon Street/King William Street
  66. Ralph Lauren Childrenswear
    New Bond Street
  67. Loughborough Juction Station TA
    LOL Coldhahour Ln L Flaxman Rd L Gordon Grv R Minet Rd F Knatchbull rd
  68. Camden Mews TA
    Camden Rd R Murray St L Camden Sq L Cantelowes Rd R Camden M
  69. Stamford Hill Primary
    Berkeley Road Vartry rd Holmdale Terr or Seven sisters Rd
  70. Alpha Grove
    Tiller Road/Strafford Street
  71. Igar Hotel
    Salusbury Road
  72. Holly Street Estate
    Queensbridge Road
  73. National Heart & Lung Hospital
    Sydney Street
  74. North Gate Mansions
    Prince Albert Road
  75. Lamb Walk SE1
    Morroco st/Bemonsey St
  76. Faithfull House N5
    Aberden Park/Highbury Grove
  77. Escuan Lodge N5
    Aberden Park/Highbury Grove
  78. Newcome Estate N5
    Aberden Park/Highbury Grove
  79. Cynthia House, N5
    Aberden Park/Highbury Grove
  80. Graham Robertson House, N5
    Aberden Park/Highbury Grove
  81. Victoria PH
    Pages Walk
  82. Aint Nothing But Blues
    Kingley Street
  83. Flaxman Terrace
    Mabledon Place/Burton Street
  84. Princes Tower
    Elephant Lane
  85. Saint Marks Gate
    Cadogan Terrace
  86. Westminster Archives
    Saint Anns Street
  87. Evergreen Square
    Buxted Rd/Calendine Drive of Richmond Road
  88. Canonbury Street
    Essex Road
  89. Ivory Bussniess Centre
    Northamton Street
  90. Habit Wine Bar
    Crutched Friars
  91. Bolney Gate
    Enismore Gardens
  92. Rosbery Auctions TA
    L Wolfington Rd, L Thurleston Rd, L&R St Julian's Farm Rd
  93. Bring Your Own Cocktail Bar
    Bedfordbury Street
  94. 1 Lombard Street Restaurant
    Lombard St R Abchurch Lane R King Willam Street
  95. Mother Mash Restaurant
    Leadenhall Street
  96. Hotel 43 London
    Queensborough Terrace
  97. Kensington Brasserie
    Kensington High Street
  98. Holy Redeemer Church .
    Exmouth Market
  99. Shoreditch Ambulance
    Basing House Yard
  100. Olympic House
    Somerford Grove
  101. Hope & Anchor PH
    Upper Street
  102. Swedenborg Society
    Bloomsbury Way
  103. Bohemia Place
    Mare Street/Nursery Road
  104. Augustus Rd to Wibledon Park Station
    Heythorpe St R Revelstoke Road L Melrose Ave LOR Artur Rd
  105. Cyprus Taxi Cars
    Vyner Street
  106. National Association of
    Saint John Street
  107. Schoolmasters & Women Teachers-NASUWT
    Saint John Street
  108. LouLou's
    Porchester Road
  109. Whites Grounds
    Bermondsey Street
  110. Coleman Fields
    Prebend Street
  111. Duches of Kent PH1
    Prebend Street
  112. Livepool st To Essex Rd
    Theburton St Upper St R Gaskin Street L Essex Rd
  113. London Studio Centre
    York Way
  114. Pitfield Circus Exits
    Fanshaw St, New North Rd, Pitfield St North bound
  115. Peckham Grove
    Southampton Way
  116. Crown Prosecution Service
    Soutwarkbridge Road
  117. Fighting Fit Fencing Club 
    Cottage Road
  118. British Luxury Club
    New Oxford Street/Doytt St.
  119. Piebury Corner
    Liverpool Rd/Hollyway Road
  120. Saitn John The Babtist Church Hoxton
    Pitfield St/New North Road
  121. Madras Place
    Liverpool Rd/Hollyway Road
  122. Christophers Restaurant
    Wellington Street
  123. Grand Plaza Hotel
    Princes Square
  124. Philomena's PH
    Great Queen Street
  125. Scoresby Street SE1
    Blacfriars Rd/Gambia St
  126. Wellesley Hotel
  127. Neckinger
    Abbey Street/Spa Road in by Abbey st only
  128. College of Physical Education
    Pond Cottages
  129. Swan Court SW3
    Flood Street
  130. Saint Loo Avenue
    Chelsea Manor street/Flood street
  131. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts
  132. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Exhibition Road/Mormon Church
  133. Estonia Embassy
    Hyde Park Gate
  134. Chancellor House
    Hyde Park Gate
  135. Fiji High Commission
    Hyde Park Gate
  136. Algeria Consulate
    Hyde Park Gate
  137. Tunisia Embassy
    Princes Gate
  138. Oman Embassy SW7 /1
    Queens Gate
  139. Chatsworth Court W8
    Pembroke Road
  140. Pembroke Square
    Earls Court Road
  141. Broadwalk Court
    Palace Gardens Terrace
  142. Armenian Church Saint Sarkis
    Iverna Gardens
  143. Soceity Restaurant
    Kensington High St/Hilton Olimpia
  144. Saint Marry Abbot Terrace
    Holland Park Road
  145. Melbury Court
    Kensington High St/exit by Melbury Road
  146. Strange Way Terrace
    Holland Park Road
  147. Earls Terrace
    Kensington High Street
  148. Battersea Rise to Northcote Road
    R Auckland Road L Cairns Rd R Northcote Rd
  149. Paramount Club
    New Oxford Street/Centre Point
  150. Redchurch Brewery
    Poyser Street
  151. Camden Brewery
    Whiskin Street Mews Grafton Rd L Wilkin St
  152. Waverley Place N4
    Adolphus Road
  153. Albany Court Yard
  154. Catherine Wheel Yard
    Little Saint James's Street
  155. Benito's Hat WC2
    New Row
  156. Salvatore at Playboy
    Old Park Lane/Playboy Club
  157. Castle PH N1
    Baron Street/Pentonville Rr
  158. Gloucester Square
    Cester Street
  159. Kildare Gardens
    Kildare Terrace in by Talbot Rd
  160. Belitha Villas
    Hemingford Road/Thornhill Road No entry form Tornhill rd
  161. Adam Street Private Members Club
    Adam Street
  162. La Trompette Restaurant
    Devonshire Road
  163. Union Square
    Rector Street Prebend Street
  164. Hackney Brewery
    Laburnham Street
  165. Blacks Club
    Dean Street
  166. Institute of Materials
    Carlton House Terrace
  167. Royal Society
    Carlton House Terrace
  168. Union London Club
    Greek Street
  169. Raines Foundation Lwr Sch
    Old Bethnal Green Rd
  170. Spitalfields City Farm
    Buxton St in By Hanbury st L Deal St R Buxton St Sdol
  171. New London Performing Art Centre
    Saint James Lane
  172. Twinkle Park
    Borthwick Street
  173. Dukes Brew & Que
    Downham Road/ Hertford Rd
  174. Kingsland Fire Station
    Kingsland Road L Enfield Rd L Hertford
  175. London Brewing Company
    North Hill/Bull PH
  176. Atlantic House W8
    Saint Albans Grove
  177. Chatham House
    Saint James's Square
  178. Holborn Whippet
    Sicilian Avenue/Southhapton Row
  179. Third Space Gym
    Bulstrode Place /Marylebone lane in by Thyer st
  180. Maze Restaurant
    Grosvenor Square
  181. Albany Court Yard
  182. Heights Bar & Lounge
    Saint Georges Hotel/Langham Place
  183. Nehru Centre
    South Audley Street
  184. Berners Hotel /London Edition Hotel
    Berners Street
  185. Hammer House
    Wardour Street
  186. Coya Restaurant
    Piccadilly next Left Down St
  187. l'Entrecote Restaurant
    Marylebone Lane
  188. Salvatore at Playboy
    Old Park :ane/Playboy Club
  189. All Souls Church
    Langham Place
  190. International Students House
    Great Portland Street
  191. Tanzania High Commission
    Stratford Place
  192. Pescatori Restaurant W1 /2
    Charlotte Street
  193. Ayoush Restaurant
    James Street next R Barret St
  194. Cabana Covent Garden
    Central St Giles Piazza/Saint Giles High St
  195. Golden Hind Fish & Chips Restaurant
    Marylebone Lane
  196. Pollen Street Social
    Pollen Street
  197. Tachbrook Estate
    Aylesford Street
  198. Caxton Hall
    Caxton Street
  199. Catherine Wheel Yard
    Little Saint James's Street
  200. British Council
    Spring Gardens
  201. Pratts Club
    Park Place
  202. Brazil Embassy
    Cockspur Street
  203. Mr Chow Restaurant
  204. Blue Boar Smokehouse & Bar
    Tothill street
  205. Quebec House
    Pall Mall
  206. Ascot Restaurant
    Marylebone Lane/ Berkshire Hotel
  207. El Pirata Restaurant
    Down Street
  208. La Quecambar Restaurant
    Battersea High St
  209. Buchans Restaurant
    Battersea Bridge Road
  210. Albion Street W2
    Connaught Street
  211. Beavertown Brewery
    Downham Road/Dukes Brew & Que PH
  212. Perspective Building
    Westminster Bridge Road
  213. Shoreditch Old Town Hall
    Old Street
  214. Fox & Knot Street
    Charterhouse Street
  215. La Petite Maison
    Brook's Mews
  216. Top Notch Health Club
    Tudor Street
  217. Virgin Active NW2
    Cricklewood Lane
  218. Clove Club
    Old Street/Shoreditch Old Town
  219. Saint Petersburgh Place
    Moscow Road/Bayswater Road
  220. Tower Hamlet Town Hall
    Mulbery Plc Clove Cre R Nutmeg ln L Safron Ave
  221. Tower Hamlet Town Hall
    L Rosmary Dr L Coriender Av R Nutmeg lan
  222. Oregano Drive
    Sorrel Lane/Safron Ave Leamouth Circus
  223. George IV Regency Hotel
    Ida Street
  224. Troxy Club TA
    LOL Comercial rd L Pitsea St L Pitsea Pl L Caroline St
  225. Saint Olav Square
    Albion St Swan Rd/Neptune St
  226. Bohemia Place
    Mare Street/Nursery Road
  227. Streatham Hill Station TA
    L Ardwell Road L Blairderry Rd L Sternhold Avenu
  228. PC Patrick Dunne Memorial
    Cato Rd
  229. Walworth Academy
    Shornecliffe Road
  230. Warwick Square EC4
    Warwick Lane
  231. Westfield Shopping Cab Rank
    Hopegood St R Mcfarlane Rd L Wood ln R Arial way
  232. Westfield Shopping Cab Rank
    COM Arial Way R westfield way R Taxi lounge SDOL
  233. Stone Theatre
    Newnham Terrace
  234. Tapping The Admiral PH
    Castle Road
  235. London Fields Brewery
    Warburton Street
  236. Aragon Tower
    George Beard Road R Enterprize Way L Capston rd R Grove st
  237. King & Queen Street
    Browning St L brandon St R Wadding St L Rodney Rd
  238. Dundee Wharf
    Milligan Street/Three Colt St of Life House Cause Way
  239. London Shelton Hotel
    Wightman Road
  240. Caledionan Rd rd To Egg Club
    L Blundell St F Brandon Rd L York Way SDOL
  241. Kings Hall Leisure Centre
    Lower Clapton Road
  242. Petticoat Square
    Artizan Street
  243. Pacific Television Centre
    Braham Street/Mansell
  244. Blackpool Road
    Copeland Road/Consort RoadSE15
  245. Bowler Bar
    Bowling Green Lane
  246. Ferrari Café
    West Smithfield
  247. Catholic Herald
    Lambs Passage
  248. Saint Josephs Catholic Church
    Lambs Buildings
  249. Amnesty International
    New Inn Yard
  250. Underwriter PH
    Saint Marry Axe
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