A&P male reproductive system

  1. how does spermogenesis differ from oogenesis?
    in spermogenesis, spermatozoa are produced continuously and in large numbers-while inoogenesis,ova are not produced continously and females only have a fixed number oocytes at birth and that is the total number available in her lifetime
  2. what are 2 main functions of the testes and where in the organ does each take place?
    • spermatogenesis-seminiferous tubles
    • hormone production-interstitial cells of the seminiferous tubles
  3. what are the 3 main parts of a spermatozoon and what is the main purpose/function of each?
    • head- contains the nucleus
    • midpiece- power plant-mitochondria
    • long narrow tail- muscle-like contractile fibrils produce movement
  4. where are spermatozoa stored before ejaculation?
  5. name 3 different accessory sex glands and describe their function
    • alkaline-counteracts the acidity of the female repro tract
    • fructose-acts as an energy source
    • prostaglandins- stimulate contractions to move sprem up the oviduct
  6. what are the main components of the spermatic cord?
    • vas deferens
    • pampinform plexus
    • testicular vein
    • testicular artery
  7. what are the 3 main parts of the penis?
    roots, body, glans
  8. how does the mechanism of erection in animals with a sigmoid flexture differ from that of other animals?
    • with sigmmoid flexure- non erect penis is s shaped and does not enlarge during erection, it straightens
    • in other animals, erect penis is under hydraulic pressure producing enlargement and stiffening
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