Ap English Symbols

  1. Red
    blood, sacrifice, disorder, sunrise, fire, emotion
  2. Square
    Stability, pluralism (reproduction)
  3. Flies
    breed from corruption and decay; carry diseases; associated with Devil; pseudo men of good faith
  4. Doll/puppet
    personality sick person projected onto toy
  5. Green
    • Inexperience, hope, new life, immaturity, mediates between hot and cold
    • -Jealousy
  6. Weeds
    Evil, wildness, outcasts of society
  7. Eye
    Intellectual perception. Right: sun (present and future). Left: moon (past)
  8. Circle
    wholeness, unity of one, womb
  9. Road
    journey, evolution
  10. Nakedness
    a return to the primary state
  11. Hair
    Represents certain male powers; intimate connection with its owner
  12. Blue
    • Tranquil, peace; associated with truth.
    • Depression.
  13. Lamb
  14. Lion
  15. Bird
    link between heaven and Earth; freedom
  16. Dove
    Peace and purity
  17. Left Hand
  18. Nudity
    Urges beyond control of conscious mind.
  19. Pig
    • German culture: good luck
    • Everywhere else: ignorance, gluttony, lust, selfishness.
  20. Butterfly
    womanhood; marital happiness; metamorphosis; human cycle of life and death
  21. Bone
    Strength and virtue; the essential element; essence of creation
  22. Book
    Knowledge and wisdom; the universe
  23. Blood
    The medium of life and the principle of procreation. Blood spilled in sacrifice brings fertility.
  24. Bison
    Symbol of prosperity and plenty
  25. Bed
    Love and death. Birth, marriage, and death all occur in the bed
  26. Bear
    The warrior. Power of the underworld and dangerous aspect of the unconscious. Cruelty and brutality.
  27. Arm
    Strength, power, help, and protection. The instrument of justice.
  28. Ant
    Industriousness and the organized community.
  29. Animal
    The lowest instinctive levels of the subconscious.
  30. Lake
    The earth's eye, through which inhabitants of the underworld are able to gaze upon humans, plants, and so on.
  31. Serpent
    Soul and libido. The lower psyche. Portion of the human being that humans have the least control over.
  32. Skeleton
    Death and the Devil.
  33. Sun
    Source of light, heath, and life. Seen as what makes fertile (father principle) and also what burns up and kills. Drought and the destroyer.
  34. Tree
    • -Life developing and rising to the heavens.
    • -The relationship between heaven and earth.
    • -Fertility.
    • -Symbol of the increasing power of the monarch.
  35. Rain
    Semen; brings fertility; symbol of wisdom.
  36. River
    • Fertility, death, and renewal.
    • -Flowing of time into eternity.
    • -Crossing the river: overcoming an obstacle
  37. Rose
    Love; rebirth
  38. Water
    Source of life and vehicle of cleansing. Contains all that is potential and unshaped. Fertility, purity, and wisdom. Both life and death. Creator and destroyer. Symbol of unconscious  and unconscious energy; formless powers of the soul; unrecognized motivation.
  39. Milk
    Plenty, fertility, knowledge, and immortality.
  40. Fire
    Passions (love and hate). Symbol of destruction. Symbol of sex.
  41. Fish
    The cycle of birth or rebirth. Life and fertility. Symbols of marriage.
  42. Maize
    Wealth and semen
  43. Horse
    Carrier of life and death. Unconscious psychosis and the onrush of desire.
  44. Shoe
    • Right of ownership. Symbol of the traveler. Removing one's shoes: step towards intimacy. Shoes are a sign that the individual is his/her own master, responsible for his/her own actions.
    • -Symbol of death b/c the dead no longer need their shoes.
    • -Symbol of freedom.
  45. Hat
    The head and thought. Identity. To wear a diff hat is to assume a diff set of responsibilities.
  46. Vegetation
    The cyclical character of all being. The oneness of life.
  47. Rope
  48. Pipe
    The soul separated from its divine source and yearning to return to it.
  49. Hair (2)
    Male qualities like strength and virtue. Considered the developing place of the soul. Cutting the hair of an animal symbolizes that it's doomed to death.
  50. Sky
    Power and everlastingness which no earth-dweller can attain.
  51. Net
    • Those complexities which entangle the subject's internal and external life and the meshes of which it is so difficult to loosen and unravel.
    • -Used to gather up mankind and bring the just into the Kingdom of Heaven.
  52. Skull
    Depiction of the human individual. Symbol of physical death.
  53. Moon
    • Dependence, change, growth. Passing time. The moon was the first thing to die since it vanishes every lunar month for three days.
    • -Symbol of knowledge acquired logically and in graduated stages. Knowledge acquired through reflection.
    • -Mother (sun: father).
  54. Leaves
    A group as a whole in joint action and common purpose. The perpetual birth; the ceaseless flow of life giving energy.
  55. Dog
    • Associated with death. Guide of the underworld. Symbol of death and hell.
    • -Cultural hero. Possess healing powers. Symbol of sexual potency.
  56. Ten
    Carried concept of basic duality. The principle of motion. Expression of death and life.
  57. Song
    Links the creator's power to what it has created.
  58. Blindness
    • Ignorance of the real state of things; denial of the obvious and hence madness, stupidity, and irresponsibility.
    • -Ignore the deceitful shows of this world and know its secret reality.
  59. Beard
    Manhood, bravery, and wisdom.
  60. Mountains
    • Higher properties of the soul; the bounds of human development and the ability of mankind to reach the peak of its development.
    • -Aspiration/inspiration.
    • -Represent goals.
  61. Child
    The future and simplicity.
  62. Turnip
  63. Rings
    Bind and isolate. Master and slave. Woman submits here own free will. Marriage rings: bride and groom are both master and slave of each other.
  64. White
    • -Color of purity, innocence, timelessness.
    • -Condemned people wear white to symbolize submission and surrender.
    • -Death, terror, supernatural, blinding truth of a mystery.
  65. Cat
    Evil omen.
  66. Pigeon
  67. Bee
    • Symbol of the soul.
    • -The soul descending to the underworld.
    • -Materialization of the soul as it leaves the body.
  68. Music
    Implies a harmony between body and soul.
  69. Parasol
    Protection; elegance; display of wealth; attracts attention.
  70. Garden
    Earthly paradise; Where nature is restored to its original state and invites humans to restore to their natural states.
  71. Sea
    • -Undifferentiated formlessness.
    • -Universal spirit.
    • -Unconscious (lethal or regenerative).
    • -Image simultaneously of death and life.
    • -Spiritual mystery/infinity.
  72. Hair (3)
    • To have one's hair cut by an old man carries with it a sense of dependence, of making oneself his ward.
    • -Cutting women's hair symbolizes their surrender.
  73. Moth
    • -Faithless frivolity
    • -Symbol of the soul consumed by a mystical love, attracted like the insect fluttering round the candle till it burns its wings.
  74. Candle
    • Light.
    • -Virgins carried them when they were ready to be brides.
  75. Wind
    • Empty-headedness, fickleness, and instability
    • -God's breath.
    • -God's power.
  76. Birds (2)
    • -Fore warning and a message from heaven.
    • -Living symbols of divine freedom.
    • -Symbol of the soul escaping from the body.
  77. Red (2)
    • -Anxiety.
    • -Color of the soul, libido, and heart.
    • -Lust for power that leads to self-absorption and hatred.
    • -Disorder.
    • -Violent passion.
  78. Sunset
  79. Ship
    Strength and safety in the dangers of a voyage.
  80. Snake (serpent)
    Evil; corruption.
  81. Hens
    -Conductors of souls in the initiatory rites and ceremonies of divination in Africa.
  82. Ivory
    • -Symbol of power.
    • -Lies contrasted with the truth.
  83. Desert
    • -Primordial undifferentiated state.
    • -Sterile crust under which reality must be sought.
  84. Six
    Strong tendency towards evil.
  85. Hippo
    • A manifestation of the perverse forces of the world.
    • -All the human vices/impulses which the individual cannot master; sin.
  86. Drums
    • -Psychological warfare.
    • -Associated with every event in human life.
    • -Echo of existence.
  87. Baldness
    -Lack of wisdom
  88. Three
    • -Spiritual unity
    • -The male principle
    • -Light
    • -The Holy Trinity
  89. Mud
    • -Beginning of degradation.
    • -Lower levels of existence.
  90. Forest/jungle
    • -Vegetation thrives free from any control or cultivation.
    • -Jungian symbol of the perilous aspects of the unconscious.
    • -Dangers/demons/enemies.
  91. Smoke
    Possess the magic ability to ward off the misfortunes that beset men, animals, and plants.
  92. Mouth
    • Power of speech. Creative force.
    • Elevated sense of consciousness and control.
  93. Dust
    • -Sign of death.
    • -Symbol of wasted sperm (Freudian eros and thanatos; men of bad faith)
  94. Hole
    The opening of this world on to the other world
  95. Drought
    -Time when soul loses contact with God, feels no elation, suffers a mental paralysis, and lacks light, warmth, touch, and any sign of God's presence.
  96. Apple
    Earth-bound passions or their fulfillment.
  97. Jewelry
    The drive of the libido.
  98. Feather
    • -Ascension to heaven
    • -Symbol of sacrifice
  99. Old Age
    Righteousness and wisdom
  100. Night
    • -Image of the unconscious
    • -Time when unconscious is set free
    • -State of being deprived of all proof and psychological support
  101. Mutilation
    -Symbol of powerlessness and disqualification.
  102. Key
    -Power to let in or shut out.
  103. Teeth
    • -Loss of teeth symbolizes loss of youth and loss of strength to defend oneself.
    • -Power of chewing and aggressiveness from physical desire.
    • -Lack of teeth: frustration, castration, and bankruptcy.
  104. Wood
    Superhuman wisdom and knowledge.
  105. Father
    (Freudian) Castrating figure that makes people submissive
  106. Seven
    • -Human wholeness
    • -Completion of a cycle
    • -Perfect order
  107. Room
  108. Black/darkness
    Chaos, mystery, the unknown; death; the unconscious; evil; melancholy; primal wisdom.
  109. Four
    Circle, life cycle, four seasons, female, nature, four elements (earth, water, fire, air)
  110. Five
    • Coordination of mental processes into an effective personality (integration)
    • -Four limbs + the head
    • -Cardinal points + the center
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