BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 12

  1. What occurs during days 8-14
    • LH increases rapidly
    • dominant follicle becomes the Graafian follicle
    • System ramps up for ovulation
  2. During what time period doe the dominant follicle become the Graafian follicle?
    During days 8-14
  3. Where are most of the hormones being produced during day 8-14?
    By the graafian follicle
  4. What marks the time of ovulation?
    Peak of FSH(small) and LH(large)
  5. how long does the fertile period last?
    One day before and one day after ovulation
  6. After the beginning of the leuteal phase, what changes occur with estrogen and progesterone?
    Estrogen drops and progesterone begins to rise
  7. At ovulation what hormone change occur with androgens?
    Androgens rise to stimulate sexual drive
  8. What stimulates sexual drive in females at the time of ovulation?
    Increased Androgens in the blood
  9. At the end of the leuteal phase what happens with LH, FSH , estrogen and progesterone?
    • LH and FSH rise
    • Estrogen and progesterone drop
  10. What effect doe LH have on the theca cells?
    Stimulation to produce androgens
  11. What stimulates the theca cells to produce androgens?
  12. What cells in the ovaries produce androgens?
    The Theca cells
  13. What do the Theca cells have a paracrine action on?
    The Granulosa cells
  14. Describe the paracrine action that the theca cells have on the granulosa cells:
    The theca cells secrete androgens, which stimulates the granulosa cells of turn them into estrogens with aromatase
  15. What cells of the ovaries contain aromatase?
    The granulosa cells
  16. What enzyme turns Androgens into Estrogens?
  17. What cells does FSH act on?
  18. What anterior pituitary hormone acts on the Granulosa cells?
  19. What cell does LH act on?
    Theca cells
  20. The theca cells are acted on by what anterior pituitary cell?
  21. What provides positive feedback for aromatase action in the granulosa cells?
  22. What type of action does Inhibin have on the production of FSH by the gonadotrophs of the anterior pituitary?
    Primary negative feedback
  23. What effects does Inhibin have on the anterior pituitary?
    • Negative feedback for FSH
    • No effect on LH
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 12
BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 12