BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 11

  1. What is the name for days 15-28 of the ovarian cycle?
    The leuteal phase
  2. What days correspond with the leuteal phase?
    days 15-28
  3. What days correspond to the follicular phase?
  4. How many follicles develop at the beginning of the follicular phase?
  5. How many follicles become hormonally susceptible during the early follicular phase?
  6. How many follicles continue to develop after day seven?
    One the dominant follicle
  7. How can you tell the difference between a dominant follicle and the others?
    The theca and granulosa are larger and in greater numbers
  8. What hormones are produced by the granulosa and theca cells?
  9. What cells produce most of the estrogens?
    The granulosa and theca cells
  10. What receives all of the FSH and LH during the follicular phase?
    The dominant follicle (it blocks other follicles from receiving these hormones)
  11. When does the corpus luteum become functional?
    The leutel phase
  12. The follicular phase is driven by what hormones?
    LH and FSH
  13. What is the primary estrogen of the leuteal phase?
  14. What occurs around day 25 of the ovarian cycle?
    • GnRH, LH and FSH are produced at a very low rate
    • Corpus luteum dies, lowering estrogens and progesterone
  15. Around what day does the corpus luteum die?
    Day 25
  16. Around what day does the corpus luteum die and GnRH, FSH and LH become diminished?
    Day 25
  17. When does the leuteal phase end?
    Day 28
  18. What happens on day 28?
    Leuteal phase ends
  19. What doe s combination of FSH and LH cause in the follicular stage?
    • Follicle Maturation
    • Increase in synthesis and secretion of ovarian steroid hormones
  20. What hormone is dominant during the leuteal phase?
  21. When is LH dominant?
    During the luteal phase
  22. What day does FSH increase to levels as high as LH?
    Day 7
  23. What occurs on day 7 of the ovarian cycle?
    • FSH reaches equivalent levels to LH
    • Non-dominant Secondary follicles undergo atregia
    • Estrogens begin to rise
  24. What day do non-dominant follicles begin to die off?
    Day 7
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BIOL 404-Exam 4-Reproduction 11
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