Funeral Directing Exam 4

  1. What are the titles of the Religious Leaders?
    • 1. Bishops
    • 2. Elders
    • 3. pastors
    • 4. evangelists
    • 5. deacons
  2. What are the Characteristics of this Group?
    • 1. The separation of Church and State,
    • 2. the refusal to take oaths
    • 3. refusal to take up arms against others
    • 4. the protest of slavery
  3. What are the requirements for clothing?
    • 1. dressed in white underwear and stockings
    • 2. male, long gown, resembling a shirt with a pleat instead of buttons.
    •     or, white shirt, white trousers and a white vest
    • 3. female, long white gown and a white cape.
  4. What are the requirements for body preparation?
    In some areas, the sons may be responsible for dressing their father and the daughters for dressing their mother.
  5. What is the view of healing and who does it affect their lifestyle?
    normally do not seek medical help, including the use of hospitals and physicians
  6. Who is the founder of this Group?
    Mary Baker Eddy
  7. What is the Principle Text of this Group?
    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
  8. What is the purpose of the Practitioner or Reader?
    be the officiant of any service of the Church, including a funeral service
  9. Where is a funeral "prohibited" to take place?
    the Christian Science Church
  10. What are the views of disposition?
    žan individual preference. Burial, entombment or cremation are all permissible.
  11. Who is the founder of this Group?
    Joseph Smith
  12. What is the text of this group?
    Book of Mormon
  13. How does the Bishop attain his position?
    žare called from the priesthood to serve for an unspecified time and without compensation for their service to the Church
  14. When is a boy ordained?
    the age of twelve (12)
  15. How does the Temple Ordinance affect the deceased disposition?
  16. What religious paraphernalia is prohibited?
    The use of a cross, crucifix, candles and other such items are not permitted.
  17. What are some of the religious characteristics of this group?
    • ž1.  No recognized individual or formal governing structure to lead them.
    • 2.  A group of ten ordained ministers oversees their religious activity.
    • 3.  Refusal to accept blood transfusions.
    • 4.  Refusal to salute the flag of any country.
    • 5.  Refusal of military participation.
    • 6.  They do not condemn others who do not practice their views.
  18. What type of disposition is permitted?
  19. What stipulations are necessary to participate in the rites?
    Non-Members (non-Jehovah’s Witnesses) usually prohibited from participating in the service
  20. What type of music is permitted?
    from the congregational hymnal insuring that inappropriate music is not used
  21. What is the title of the Buddhist priest?
  22. What is the calendar used to determine an accurate time for casketing the body, holding the service, and final disposition?
    Book of Dates
  23. What is the Gatha?
    The first two and last two verses of a Buddhist hymn sung at the funeral service
  24. What is the Makura-gyo?
    Traditionally, in the Buddhist faith, a bedside prayer which may now be performed by the Bonze just before funeral arrangements are made
  25. Define Nirvhana
    žThe Buddhist idea of heavenly peace or “Pure Land”
  26. Define Pagoda
    žThe Buddhist place of worship
  27. Explain the Service of Encasketing
    žin the Buddhist faith, a service performed as a part of casketing the body.
  28. Describe the Words of appreciation
    ža brief expression of gratitude to the congregation for their presence at the Buddhist service.
  29. What may be place in the mouth of the deceased?
    rice, gold or coins
  30. Describe the Deceased Altar
    is placed before the casket with the deceased’s photo, candles, oil lamp, incense vase, flowers, fruits and food (a boiled egg is put on the top of the bowl of cooked rice
  31. Describe the Buddha Altar
    usually placed at the right angle of the “Deceased Altar” and contains incense, flowers, candles and fruits
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