organic chem

  1. what are the common names for ethene and propene?
    Ethylene and Propylene
  2. What is another name for Alkenes?
  3. How do u identify the backbone of an alkene?

    What if more than 2 chains contain double bonds?
    The longest chain containing the double bond

    The one with the MOST double bonds is the backbone
  4. True/False

    Alkenes have precedense over alkynes
  5. In what order do u number alkene chains?
    In a way that double bond takes lowest number
  6. How do you account for multiple double bonds in chain?
    By denoting di-, tri-
  7. In what cases would you list alkenes as substituents?
    Image Upload 1When they are allylic or vinylic derivatives
  8. What term is used for ethylene?
  9. What are the alternate names for 2-bromo-2-methylpropane and 2-iodopropane?
    t-butyl bromide and isopropyl iodide

    Alkane and Alkene chains: Drop 'e' and replace with -ol
    Number in a way that alcohol gets the lowest number
    For double bonds, list the carbon # before the -en
    all true
  11. What is a diol?
    molecules with two hydroxyl groups
  12. What do you call diols with -OH groups on adjacent carbons?

    What do you call diols with -OH groups on the same carbon?

  13. ETHERS

    Which alkyl chain is used as the backbone?
    The longest
  14. What is the common way of naming ethers?
    Name the two chains, list them alphabetically, add ether at the end.

    (ethyl methyl ether)
  15. What is the IUPAC way of naming an ether?
    • long chain is the backbone
    • use prefix of short chain (meth, eth...)
    • short chain joins long chain through 'oxy'

  16. What is the IUPAC and common name for three member cyclic ethers?
    • IUPAC: oxiranes
    • common: epoxides
  17. What common name are used for methanal, ethanal, propanal?
    • formaldehyde
    • acetaldehyde
    • propionaldehyde
  18. What is the IUPAC name for:
    Formic Acid?
    Actic Acid?
    Propionic Acid?
    • methanoic acid
    • thanoic acid
    • propanoic acid
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