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  1. What does CCTV stand for?
    Closed Circuit television
  2. Name one scheme where technology has helped recycling? What is the Technological tags that they use?
    "Pay as you throw scheme" uses RFID tags

    RFID = radio frequency identification tags
  3. What is teleworking?
    give two other ways employment becomes flexible?
    1 - starts with M
    2 - starts with H.... - D...
    Teleworking, is working at home. individuals can upload and download documents from home. 

    Hot desking and mobile - computing.
  4. Give 3 emerging technologies:
    • 1. 3D PAINTING
    • 2. BIOMETRICS 
    2. Just in time (JIT) stock control
    3. e-commerce.
    1. automated stock control automatically orders stock when it reaches a certain amount. every time an item is sold, it gets proceeded by the control and it can keep a track

    2. Just in time allows communication between manufacturers and the stock dealers to ensure that the raw materials are directly used once brought to factory - this stops storage cost.

    3. e-commerce is online shopping and is on the increase. some shops, to avoid renting they only have online web pages for sales.
  6. Give an example of a repetitive strain injury?

    2. employers follow a regulation for health and safety in there working places. what is the rule called and when was it introduced. give few examples of what employers do!
    1. carpal tunnel syndrome

    • 2. Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulation 1992 and covers
    •  - providing eye tests
    • - safe working conditions such as avoiding overloaded sockets and wires around.
    • - keep things to minimum requirement ( having air conditioning and blocking light with blinds etc.
    • - setting timetables with work away from computers etc.
    • - providing training for health and safty
  8. Data protection act _ _ _ _

    what is the name of the code which encourages companies to follow the data protection act? ♥

    which computer act protects against hackers and viruses?
    Data protection Act 1998

    personal data guardian code

    computer misuse act
  9. what does OBSOLETE mean? when does it happen?
    obsolete means no longer in use. a system becomes obsolete if demand for processing data is greater than its ability.
  10. what is an objective?
    an objective is a specified outcome to test whether the new system is an improvement on the old one. it can also be called performance or evaluation criteria.
  11. what is an information system?
    an information system is a way of inputting, storing, processing and outputting data.
  12. what does URL stand for and what is it for?
    URL - Uniform Resource Location

    it is the address for web pages.
  13. From the 3 different type of networks, explain what a star network is and its advantages and disadvantages...
    a star network is when there is a central computer such as a mainframe or server and the work stations are directly connected - used for large number of work stations.

    advantages - can easily add more workstation,s if one workstation malfunctions the others wont

    disadvantages - expensive as it uses a lot of cabling, if central computer malfunctions itll stop working.
  14. From the 3 different type of networks, explain what a line network is and its advantages and disadvantages...

    give one other name to line networks
    another name is bus networks. this is when all data is sent to and from a file server along a line of cable. 

    advantages - cheap as it uses less cabling 

    disadvantages - failure to central cable would bring down entire system, as users increase it operates slower as it runs in a line.
  15. From the 3 different type of networks, explain what a ring network is and its advantages and disadvantages...

    ring networks are a bit like.....
    ring networks are a bit like line networks, except that all the equipment is linked in a ring. the data flows in one direction.

    advantages - cheap to expand the ring, fast as data flows in one direction.

    disadvantages - as users increase, system becomes slower as data is sent in one direction, the failure if the ring cable brings the network down.
  16. robots can follow simple task which flow in a logical order or if they are repetitive. they can also be programmed to carry out a number of different tasks. they are pre-programmed with two different ways; explain the do-it-once-and-remember method and the teach-and-learn-method.
    • do-it-once-and-remember method:
    • this is when the robot gets guided through the correct movements and then it has the ability to carry out teh instructions automatically itself. 

    • teach-and-learn-method:
    • the teach and learning method is when the programmer writes a set of instructions and the observes the robot carrying them out. in this was improvements could be made if necessary.
  17. what is a model and what is a simulation?
    a model is an artificial re-creation of a product and is used in simulation to mimic real-life processes and actions such as flight simulation for training pilots about aircraft.
  18. in a flight simulation there are many ways of making it really realistic. explain all of the following...
    1. digital screens instead of windows
    2. hydraulic pistons or arms
    3. closed environments
    4. cabin pressure 

    Explain how it could be improved to mimic the reality:
    • 1. digital screens are used instead of windows to create the reality by showing routes and changing to experience different weather conditions etc. 
    • 2. hydraulic arms are used to experience different weather conditions and it responds to the actions of the pilot. 
    • 3. closed environments are also available to test how a pilot would react in (4) cabin pressure. as this time they can also adjust light levels and find ways of managing a cabin fire. 

    it could be improved by having the chair shaking when something goes wrong, and having the digital screen reflected with actual roads and routes.
  19. explain how interactive OS works
    this OS allows the user to interactive the system and can affect the outcome, compared to specialized operating systems which wont allow this to happen.
  20. explain how multi-tasking and multi-user operating system works.
    multi - tasking is when the operating system has enough potential to run many programs at the same time. this means that resources involving the CPU are shared. peripherals such as the internet must be shared out too.

    multi-user is when many people can log in and use the same computer at the same time. this means that resources are shared out and that there is a tracking of multiple workstations to ensure that everyone has the same good experience as if one person is using the system.
  21. explain how online operating system works.

    explain how a real-time operating system works.
    an online OS  is when the data is stored on the server. thus, users have to log in to access their files from any internet-enabled computer. they can use the OS as if it was on their computer. 

    a real-time operating system involves, running programs to a specific amount of time so that it runs with real life - the OS manages the resources so that they aren't interrupted and the system would work correctly to meet deadlines - an example would be monitoring the weather.
  22. Give an exemplar OS that uses both interactive and multi-tasking.
    windows OS
  23. Some user-interface uses command lines which must be remembered and entered into a empty screen. thus it consumes a lot of time although it is really powerful. 

    today a lot of people use GUI:
    what does it stand for?
    why are they know as WIMPs?
    can you customize it? if yes how?
    give one main problem with it...
    GUI - graphical user interface

    WIMPs for - window, icons, menus and pointers.  

    yes it can be customized  by adjusting icon size and brightness of the screen and how contrasting it is. 

    However, a comman is sumed up with one word, thus we cannot be sure what it actually follows onto.
  24. Say what the following application software is used for:
    1. word processor software
    2. presentation software
    3. graphics software
    4. animation software
    5. desktop publishing software
    6. web design software
    7. database software
    8. spreadsheet software
    9. audio/video software
    10. programming software
    • 1. word processor software- documents (letters)
    • 2. presentation software - slide of information to show others
    • 3. graphics software - images
    • 4. animation software - moving images (2D/3D)
    • 5. desktop publishing software - documenst with flexible layouts e.g. leaflets
    • 6. web design software - websites
    • 7. database software - storing large amounts of data
    • 8. spreadsheet software - calculating and analysing data
    • 9. audio/video software - music and videos
    • 10. programming software - for other software
  25. give 5 ways that basic software and hardware issues can be solved by:
    1. you can restart your computer. You can turn it off by pressing down on the power button, but if possible then the "shut down" option from the "menu" should be used. 

    2. re-installing software would replace any corrupted files so that it continues running as usual.

    3. drivers must be updated to allow the computer to accept the hardware. otherwise hardware which is functioning would look broken and not working. drivers are available at the manufacturers website. 

    4. check the hardware to ensure that it is correctly plugged and that it is turned on and that you are not expecting it to do impossibilities such as trying to save more data onto a CD than its capacity.

    5. when new systems are introduced, it is impossible to check all codes of a program. consequently, as issues are identified, the manufacturer would recommend fixes which would be available on the manufacturers site as patches or fix updates. patches must be installed and updated.
  26. What does POP, IMAP and SMTP STAND FOR?
    (extension - give brief description of they are)
    POP - Post Office Protocol 

    POP is a simple method for workstations to access mail from a mailbox server.

    IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol

    • one of standard protocols for email retrieval. 
    • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

    This is an internet standard for transmitting electronic mail over the internet protocol (IP).
  27. 1. What is the main software for viewing the web pages?

    2. what extra software could be used to display extra information on web pages?
    • 1. web browser
    • 2. plug-ins
  28. name the 10 additional magenta symbols; must be able to draw them too!!!
    • 1. stored data
    • 2. sequential access data
    • 3. magnetic disc 
    • 4. direct access storage
    • 5. manual operation 
    • 6. manual input
    • 7. printed copy
    • 8. decision
    • 9. process
    • 10.visual display
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