1. From the antecedent to the consequent
    A priori
  2. From the beginning
    Ab initio
  3. Plain words require no explanation
    Absolute sententia expositore non indiget
  4. Mixed action
    Actio mixta
  5. A personal right of action die with the person
    Actio personalis moritur cum persona
  6. The very act is punishable and no proof of damage is required
    Actionable per se
  7. Act of the court shall prejudice no one
    Actus Curiae Neminem Gravabit
  8. An act does not make a man guilty unless there be guilty intention
    Actus non facit reumnisi men sit rea
  9. Wrongful act
    Actus reaus
  10. For the particular end or case at hand
    Ad hoc
  11. At the same point
    Ad idem
  12. According to value
    Ad valorem
  13. From another source
  14. A friend of court member of the bar who is appointed to assist the court
    Amicus Curiae
  15. Intention to possess
    Animus possidendi
  16. Hear the other side
    Audi alteram partem
  17. Nameless
  18. Good faith; genuine
    Bona fide
  19. A caution registered with the public court to indicate to the officials that they are not to act in the matter mentioned in the caveat without first giving notice to the caveator
  20. Let the buyer beware
    Caveat emptor
  21. Let the doer beware
    Caveat actor
  22. Let the seller beware
    Caveat venditor
  23. A writ by which records of proceedings are removed from interior courts to High Court and to quash decision that goes beyond its jurisdiction
  24. The person who has the equitable right to property in India, known as beneficiary
    Cestui que trust
  25. Common consent necessary for a binding contract
    Consensus ad idem
  26. A contemporaneous expression or language is the best and strongest in Law
    Contemporanea exposition est optima et fortissima lege
  27. Body/gist of the offence
    Corpus delicti
  28. As nearly as may be practicable
    Cy pres
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