Ch 5: Analysing resources and Capabilities

  1. R&C's build foundation 4 analysis of competitive advantage:
    • When external environment is subject ti rapid change, internal r&c's offer a more secure basis for strategy than mkt factors
    • R&C's are the primary sources of profitability
  2. Resouces
    • Tangeable- financial, physical
    • Intangeable- Technology, reputation, culture
    • HumanSkill/ know-how, capacity for communication and collaberation, motivation
  3. VRIN(O)
    • Valuable
    • Rare, 
    • Imperfectly imitatable, 
    • Non-sunstitutable,
    • Organisation
  4. Profits from resources and capabilities rely on
    • Ability to establish a CA
    • Sustaining that CA
    • Appropriating returns on that CA
  5. Framework for Analysing R&C's
    • 1) Identify firms resources and capabilities
    • 2) Explore linkages between R&C's
    • 3) Appraise firms R&C's in terms of:
    •    a) strategic importance
    •    b) relative strength
    • 4) Develop Strategy Implications
    •    a) In relation 3 strengths-> how can these be fully exploited more effectively and fully
    •    b) In relation to weaknesses-> Identify opportunities to outsource activities to other orgs thatcan perform activity better
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Ch 5: Analysing resources and Capabilities
Ch 5: Analysing resources and Capabilities