MACS 110 - April 2

  1. Social Construction of Reality
    reality is socially constructed

    involves stocks of social knowledge and typifications
  2. stocks of social knowledge
    socially acquired knowledge that helps us to cope with life

    ie. Moving somewhere else: you are lost temporarily so you need to develop new stocks of social knowledge
  3. Typifications
    typically in such a situation, this is how we should act - with errors due to inexperience
  4. Why did he show us the woody allen typewriter clip?
    to illustrate  the stocks of social knowledge or typifications

    social construction of reality
  5. Why an american in paris?
    his morning "dance" that eh does to get ready = well developed stocks of knowledge
  6. Why the word guessing game? (wacky bingo)
    stocks of social knowledge
  7. Erving Goffman
    wrote the "presentation of self in everyday life"

    said that all the world's a stage and we are just actors upon it
  8. Frame
    social context for our behaviour which conforms to specific role expectations
  9. Upshift
    going into a relaxed mode (back stage)
  10. Downshift
    going into serious mode (front stage)
  11. What did Goffman say about down and up shifting?
    • Downshift
    • - who you are to people
    • - the self you put on to people
    • - where the acting occurs

    • Upshifting
    • - who you really are
    • - for preparation and relaxation
  12. Why did he show us Big Night? (the one with the restaurant)
    to illustrate front and back stage
  13. Why did he show us women know your limits?
    Women, be aware of expected social rules within given frames

    these are Goffman's ideas
  14. Cultivation Analysis
    George Gerbner - late 1960's

    - studied violence and other aspects as presented on the #1 medium of the times - TV

    - the idea that tv cultivates certain values among heavy viewers
  15. Mean World Syndrom
    Heavy viewers think the world is meaner than it really is
  16. Ice Age Analogy
    Difference between heavy and light viewers is not that great. But like a 2 degree cooling of the weather, the effect can be widespread
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MACS 110 - April 2
MACS 110 - April 2