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  1. Which of the following words best describes a medical assistant who works effectively as a team member in the medical office

    A. passive
    B. obtrusive
    C. Accountable
    D. Aggressive
  2. Accreditation may be defined as

    A. A contract that specifies an agreement
    B. Permission to engage in a profession
    C. Permission to be licensed
    D.An assessment of an individual's
    E. A process in which recognition is granted to an education program
  3. Which one of the following organizations declared medical assisting an allied health profession?

    A. US Dept of Justice
    B. US Dept of Health Education and welfare
    C us deprt of health and human services
    D. Occupational safty and health administration
    E. American Association of Medical Assistants
  4. Which of the following organizations offers the Registered Medical Assistant Credential?

    A. AMA
    B. AAMA
    C. AMT
    D. CDC
    E. NBME
  5. The CMA and RMA examinations cover all of the following distinct areas of knowledge except

    A. Calculations for preparing medications
    B. HIPPA
    C. Criminal Justice
    D. Medical records
    E. Behavioral science
  6. Which of the following professionalism attributes

    A. Empathy
    B. professionalism
    C. Self-motivation
    D. Intedrity
    E. Flexibility
  7. The goal of the 1996 AAMA Role Delineation Study was to

    A. Revise and update the CMA exam questions
    B. Revise and update the standards used for the accreditation of medical assisting programs
    C create a new role and policy of practicing medicine
    D. Establish a new organization that would combine the AAMA and AMT into one organization
    E. Publish all materials needed for medical assisting programs
  8. The initials CMA listed after a medical assistant's name indicate

    A. A professional person
    B. Registration
    C. A multiskilled person
    D. Compliance
    E. Credentials
  9. A prefix is

    A. The first part of a word
    B. A word structure at the end of a term that modifies the root
    C. A word structure at the beginning of a term that modifies the root
    D. Found on all medical terms
    E. The last part of a word that gives the word it's root meaning
  10. Which of the following suffixes means "inflammation"

    A. -iasis
    B. -trophy
    C. -itis
    D. -osis
    E. -desis
  11. The combining form is the

    A. Word root
    B. Word root with the combining vowel attached ( written with a separating vertical slash)
    C. Word root with the prefex and suffix attached ( written with a separating vertical slash)
    D. Word root with the prefix and suffix attached ( written without a slash)
    E. Combining vowel
  12. Which of the following suffixes means lack of strength

    A. -algia
    B. -tomy
    C. -asthenia (means weakness)
    E. -phasia
  13. Which of the following words is mispelled

    A. Abscess
    B. Homostasis (homeostasis)
    C. venous
    D. Prostate
    E. Integumentary
  14. The underlined portion of the word Hypolipemia represents which of the following word parts?

    A. prefix
    B. Root
    C. Suffix
    D. Combining form
    E. None of the above
  15. The prefix milli- means

    A. One-thousand
    B. many
    C. one
    D. one- hundredth
    E. one- tenth
  16. The combining form xer / o refers to something

    A. Dry
    B. Yellow
    C. Multiple
    D. Pertaining to Hair
    E. Pertaining to x-rays
  17. The plural of diverticulum is

    A. Diverticulumes
    B. Diverticulae
    C. Diverticulums
    D. Diverticuli
    E. Diverticula
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  18. The energy that is necessary to keep the body functioning at a minimal level is known as

    A. Basal metabolism
    B. Catabolism
    C. Thermogenesis
    D. Metabolic reaction
    E. Metabolite
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  19. The strands of DNA in the nucleus are called

    A. chromatin
    B. Nucleolus
    C. Network
    D. Granules of RMA
    E. Guanine
  20. Which of the following endocrine glands releases glucagon?

    A. Adrenal cortex
    B. Thyroid gland
    C. Pancrease
    D. Hypothalmus
    E.Anterior pituitary
  21. Which of the following bones in the neck is U- shaped?

    A. Hyoid bone
    B. Atlas
    C. Axis
    D. Coccyx
    E. None of the above
  22. All of the following are neurotransmitters exept

    A. Histinine
    B. Dopamine
    C. Renin
    D. Serotonin
    E. Norepinephrine
  23. Skeletal muscles need all of the following factors to contract except

    A. Actin
    B. Myosin
    C. Vitamin D
    D. ATP
    E. Calcium
  24. The part of the brain responsible for Visual recognition is?

    A. Occipital lobe
    B. Temporal lobe
    C. Parital lobe
    D. Broca's area
    E. Pons
  25. Bitter taste receptors are located on what part of the tongue?

    A. Tip
    B. Right Side
    C. Middle
    D. Left side
    E. Back
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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