MACS 110 - March 12

  1. What theory is his song spiral of silence about?
    spiral of silence
  2. What did the survey signify?
    spiral of silence
  3. Three characteristics of chapter 10
    • contemporary relevance
    • scientifically tested
    • skeptical about media
  4. Diffusion of innovations - Everett m Rogers graph
    • Early adopters
    • Opinion Leaders
    • Opinion followers
    • Late adopters
  5. Change agent
    people who teach and promote an innovation
  6. The clip he showed us about Everett Rogers, what does it feature?
    Him sitting in a hotel room talking to the camera for the entire clip
  7. System
    interrelated components with some kind of purpose or goals

    • a couple could be a system
    • - the focus would not be on the individuals in the relationship but more on the relationship per se
  8. Palo Alto School
    school of though using systems to focus on interpersonal relationships
  9. Symmetrical Relationship
    • Pat loves Chris - Chris loves Pat
    • Pat hates Christ - Chris hates Pat
  10. Complementary Relationship
    • Pat is clingy to Chris - Chris is evasive from pat
    • Pat is dominant over Chris - Chris is submissive to Pat
  11. Media System Dependancy Theory
    Media ---> Society ---> Audience ---> back to media

    • Media - availability and prominance of media
    • Society - crises or rapid social change
    • Audience - rapid change in ones life; social isolation

    In north america, our dependancy on the media has tended to increase over the past
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MACS 110 - March 12
MACS 110 - March 12