Research Final 1

  1. Descriptive research
    • described behavior, thoughts, or feelings of a particular group of individuals
    • provides foundation for other types of research
  2. Correlational Research
    • is a relationship between two events (correlation) between two variables
    • does not allow us to determine what the relationship is, or that one caused the other
  3. Experimental research
    isolate cause and effect- try to statistically control for other factors
  4. Experimental research EXAMPLE
    • New drug for depression
    • Use double-blind procedure
    • This experiment has 1 factor: we manipulate whether the participant has the drug or placebo
    • Manipulation is the IV
    • We see what manipulation does to behavior (DV)
  5. Operational definition
    • specify the procedures that manipulate the variable
    • measure the DV
  6. Quasi-Experimental Research
    • researchers study the effects of some variable or event that occurs naturally (does not vary in IV)
    • EX. students with jobs do worse in school. ┬áB/c of job or because those students that work already do poorly?
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