Princeton Review Top 100 SAT Words

  1. Enigma
    A mystery; hard to understand or explain
  2. Apathy
    Lack of emotion or interest
  3. Indifferent
    Having no preference
  4. Revere
    To worship; to honor
  5. Candor
    Frankness; honesty
  6. Reticent
    Restrained; uncommunicative
  7. Aesthetic
    Concerning art or beauty
  8. Ascetic
    Without indulgence or luxuries
  9. Autonomy
    Self-rule; independence
  10. Disdain
  11. Innocuous
    Harmless; insignificant
  12. Banal
    Commonplace; dull; ordinary
  13. Ambiguous
    Unclear; undecided
  14. Anarchy
    Lack of government; chaos
  15. Ameliorate
    To improve
  16. Atrophy
    To waste away from lack of use
  17. Innovate
    To make changes; to modernize
  18. Servile
    Overly submissive; cringing
  19. Extol
    To praise
  20. Augment
    To add to; increase
  21. Benevolent
    Kindly; to wish well
  22. Derision
    Contempt; ridicule
  23. Disparity
  24. Flagrant
    Glaringly wrong; conspicuously faulty
  25. Indolence
  26. Acquiesce
    To give in; agree
  27. Prodigal
    Extravagant; wasteful
  28. Capricious
    Whimsical; unpredictable
  29. Prosaic
    Commonplace; uninspired; dull
  30. Austere
    Severe; strict
  31. Complacent
    Smug; self-satisfied
  32. Compliance
    Conforming to a request or demand
  33. Dubious
  34. Ephemeral
    Short-lived; fleeting
  35. Inevitable
    Unavoidable; bound to happen
  36. Insipid
    Bland; boring
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