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  1. sexual differentiation
    is due to testosterone productiion at 8 weeks, otherwise fetus becomes female
  2. contaceptive pills cause what?
    pseudopregnancy - induced FSH and LH "failure of pituitary
  3. what is the role of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)?
    produced by implanted blastula in maintaining corpus luteum and its production of progesterone which in turn maintains endometrium
  4. where do the testes descend?
    testes descend thru inguinal canals or cryptorchidism results, which impairs fertility
  5. sperm has what?
    sperm has acrosome of digestive enzymes to remove zona pellucida around ova
  6. PID
    salphingitis---->oophoritis, (70% subclinical infections) often polymicrobial infection (several microbe types);

    15-25% yield long term results
  7. vaginitis
    STD's and Candida albicans- which flourishes if pH is neutralized, or normal flora is eliminated (antibiotics)

    Vaginal discharges change from usual in vaginitis, result differing with infectious agent
  8. uterine prolapse
    pessary used to hold in place plus exercises
  9. endometrial polyp
    leiomyoma- smooth muscle tumor of uterus
  10. cancers
    • cervical cancer
    • vaginal cancer is rare
    • endometrial is most common
    • ovarian
  11. cervical cancer
    20% of cancers, number increasing in the under 25 due to HPV, so this is considered an STD. (Gardisil!!!)
  12. ovarian cancer
    5% but more deaths due to no early symptoms or tumor marker (so far) that can be tested for
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